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100 Most Popular Authors: Y No.61-70

Gender: Male
Hometown: Unkown
Born at: 1659-06-11
Died at: 1719-11-30
Number of works: 24
Yamamoto Tsunetomo, also known as Yamamoto J?ch?, was a samurai and monk whose collection of commentaries Hagakure (also known as ??, ??, In the Shadow of Leaves, Analects of Nabeshima, Bushido, The Book of the Samurai, The Art of the Samurai, or The Way of the Samurai) has become in the twentieth c......
Yamamoto Tsunetomo is the author of following books:
Gender: Female
Hometown: Unkown
Number of works: 18
Ying Chang Compestine was born and raised in China. The spokesperson for Nestle Maggi Taste of Asia products and a national authority on Chinese cuisine and culture, she is the author of three cookbooks for adults, eight picture books for children, and one young adult novel. She lives in Californi......
Ying Chang Compestine is the author of following books:
Gender: Male
Hometown: Kiev
Number of works: 2
Yaroslav Trofimov is an award-winning author and journalist. He has been a foreign correspondent for The Wall Street Journal since 1999, covering the Middle East, Africa and, recently South and Southeast Asia. He shared in the Overseas Press Club award for foreign reporting on India,and won the SAJA......
Yaroslav Trofimov is the author of following books:
Gender: Male
Hometown: Adana
Born at: 1937-04-01
Died at: 1984-09-09
Number of works: 8

Y?lmaz Güney is the author of following books:
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