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A.p. French

Full Name: A.p. French
Number of Works: 7
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ISBN: 0393097935, 9780393097931
Keywords: relativity, special
Pages: 286
Published: 1968
  • Rating: 80%

The education Research Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (formerly the Science Teaching Center) was established to study the process of instruction, aids thereto, and the learning process itself, with special reference to science teaching at the university level. Generous support from the National Science Foundation and from the Kettering, Shell, Victoria, W. T. Grant, and Bing Foundations provided the means for assembling and maintaining an experienced staff to cooperate with members of the Institute's Physics Department in the examination, improvement, and development of ph
ISBN: 0393099369, 9780393099362
Keywords: waves, vibrations
Pages: 328
Published: 1971
  • Rating: 60%
ISBN: 0393091066, 9780393091069
Keywords: physics, quantum, introduction
Pages: 704
Published: 1978
  • Rating: 80%

Almost everything we touch and see (together with nerve impulses and light, the messengers of touch and sight) owes its character to the subtle architecture of atoms and molecules, an architecture whose building code is quantum mechanics. And when we come to large-scale phenomena that depends in a direct way on the details of atomic processes-for example lasers, superconductors, and solid-state electronics-then the explicit use of quantum physics is essential.
ISBN: 0435582003, 9780435582005
Keywords: volume, centenary, einstein
Pages: 332
Published: 1979
  • Rating: 40%
ISBN: 0177710748, 9780177710742
Keywords: mechanics, newtonian
Pages: 742
Published: 1971