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Alain Genestier

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Mortagne-au-Per che
Born at: 1868-03-03
Died at: 1951-06-02
Number of works: 47
Philosopher, journalist, and pacifist Émile-Auguste Chartier was commonly known as Alain.

Japanese: ???
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Gender: Unkown
Hometown: Unkown
Number of works: 1

Alain Raye is the author of following books:
Gender: Male
Hometown: Zurich
Born at: 1969-12-20
Number of works: 31
Alain de Botton is a writer and television producer who lives in London and aims to make philosophy relevant to everyday life. He can be contacted by email directly via www.alaindebotton.com He is a writer of essayistic books, which refer both to his own experiences and ideas- and those of artists......
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