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Andrew Whitechapel

Full Name: Andrew Whitechapel
Number of Works: 4
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ISBN: 0735637644, 9780735637641
Keywords: microsoft, office, net, development
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2009

Create Microsoft Office-based applications that work seamlessly in the Microsoft .NET environment—with this essential reference from Microsoft developer Andrew Whitechapel. The author provides expert advice on the various approaches you can use to build managed solutions with Office, and gives practical guidance on the most viable techniques for technical and business scenarios. You’ll begin building custom .NET-based applications with detailed, practical exercises that take you through solutions from beginning to end. Andrew shares tactics, strategies, and best practices—plu
ISBN: 0735616485, 9780735616486
Keywords: second, inside
Pages: 912
Published: 2002
  • Rating: 100%

The Barnes & Noble ReviewIf technical advantage is sufficient to drive success, Microsoft's C# will likely find a prominent place in tomorrow's enterprise developer's toolkit. Microsoft's intentions for C# are to provide a strongly typed, fully object-oriented language that offers complete access to the underlying operating system's or browser's functionality, supports Web standards like XML, makes it easy to convert components into Web services, and in Microsoft's words, "brings rapid development to the C++ programmer without sacrificing the power and control that have been a hallmar
ISBN: 0764548379, 9780764548376
Keywords: bible, net, visual
Pages: 1200
Published: 2002