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Austin Craig

Full Name: Austin Craig
Number of Works: 10
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ISBN: 1419130587, 9781419130588
Keywords: rizal, jose, labors, life, lineage
Pages: 153
Published: 1913
  • Rating: 100%

Doctor Rizal tells us that it was then that he first began to lose confidence in mankind. A story of a school companion, that when Rizal recalled this incident the red came into his eyes, probably has about the same foundation as the frequent stories of his weeping with emotion upon other people's shoulders when advised of momentous changes in his life. Doctor Rizal did not have these Spanish ways, and the narrators are merely speaking of what other Spaniards would have done, for self-restraint and freedom from exhibitions of emotion were among his most prominent characteristics.
ISBN: 0404548148, 9780404548148
Keywords: people, years, struggle, filipino, history, fight, freedom, true, filipinos
Pages: 408
Published: 1933

The Filipinos' fight for freedom: true history of the Filipino people during their 400 years' struggle-- told after the manner of Jose Rizal by Austin Craig. Supplemented with The rise and fall of the Philippine Republic by Apolinario Mabini. Prologue by Jose Rizal. Epilogue by Sergio Osmeña. Also includes The teachings of Rizal by E. Jacinto; Foundation of the Philippine Republic by A. Bonifacio; The background of the Philippine revolution, tragedies of 1823 and 1872, reforms and reaction by A. M. Regidor and J. P. de Tavera.
ISBN: 1411679016, 9781411679016
Keywords: rizal, jose, story
Pages: 58
Published: 2005

The life of a hero who made the history of his country during its most critical period, and paid the highest price for his courage. Filipinos inspired by Rizal, made the first nationalist revolution in Asia, and extablished it's first democratic republic
ISBN: 1409964027, 9781409964025
Keywords: filipino, indolence
Pages: 48
Published: 2004
  • Rating: 80%

In his essay, "The Indolence of the Filipino", Rizal stated that three centuries of Spanish rule did not do much for the advancement of his countryman; in fact there was a 'retrogression', and the Spanish colonialists have transformed him into a 'half-way brute'. The absence of moral stimulus, the lack of material inducement, the demoralization--'the indio should not be separated from his carabao', the endless wars, the lack of a national sentiment, the Chinese piracy--all these factors, according to Rizal, helped the colonial rulers succeed in placing the indio 'on a level with the