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Byron Farwell

Full Name: Byron Farwell
Gender: Male
Hometown: Manchester, Iowa
Born: 1921-06-20
Died: 1999-08-03
Number of Works: 20
Farwell graduated from Ohio State University and the University of Chicago (M.A., 1968). He served in World War II as a captain of engineers attached to the Mediterranean Allied Air Force in the British Eighth Army area and later also saw combat in the Korean War. He separated from the military after seven years of active duty.

As a civilian, he became director of public relations and director of administration for Chrysler International from 1959 to 1971. He also served three terms as mayor of Hillsboro, Virginia (1977-81).

He published articles in the New York Times, Washington Post, American Heritage, Harper's, Horizon, Smithsonian Magazine as well as serving as a contributing editor to Military History, World War II, and Collier's Encyclopedia. Farwell also published biographies of Stonewall Jackson, Henry M. Stanley, and Sir Richard Francis Burton.

He was a fellow of the MacDowell Colony and a member of both the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Society of Literature.

Farwell gave his papers to the University of Iowa.

ISBN: 0140120688, 9780140120684
Keywords: burton, francis, richard, sir, biography
Pages: 464
Published: 1975
  • Rating: 80%

No man can be all things at once, no matter how hard he tries, but no man ever tried harder than Richard Francis Burton. He made significant contributions in the fields of literature and geography, and was also a poet, traveler, soldier, diplomat, inventor, explorer, archaeologist, student of religion and more. But above all, Burton was an adventurer in both the intellectual and spiritual world.Byron Farwell spent seven years investigating virtually every place ever visited by Burton. He overcame formidable difficulties in tracking down and reading all of Burton's extant works (his widow, Isab
ISBN: 0393302350, 9780393302356
Keywords: wars, little, victoria, queen
Pages: 372
Published: 1972
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0393305643, 9780393305647
Keywords: africa, war
Pages: 382
Published: 1986
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0393304442, 9780393304442
Keywords: army, kipling
Pages: 256
Published: 1981
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 039330714X, 9780393307146
Keywords: gurkhas
Pages: 317
Published: 1984
  • Rating: 80%

This book will tell who the Gurkhas are and where they come from. It will describe their manners, customs, and character, and their history as soldiers, with special attention to their unique skills and remarkable valor. Their story is as colorful and as romantic as that of the French Foreign Legion, and yet it has never been fully or adequately told.
ISBN: 0393306593, 9780393306590
Keywords: war, boer, anglo
Pages: 528
Published: 1976
  • Rating: 80%

The Boer War (1899-1902) was one of the last of the romantic wars, pitting a sturdy, stubborn pioneer people, fighting to establish the independence of their tiny nation, against the might of the British Empire at its peak. Farwell captures the incredible feats, the personal heroism, the unbelievable folly, and the many incidents of humor as well as tragedy.
ISBN: 0393046982, 9780393046984
Keywords: war, states, united, over
Pages: 336
Published: 1999
  • Rating: 80%

A wonderfully concise history of America's first conflict overseas, Over There successfully balances a great body of scholarship with the need to tell a good story. It starts out in 1914, with the United States unprepared (both physically and politically) to fight, then tells how, in 1917, the country quickly created a combat force that helped break a long stalemate on the Western front of Europe. Farwell, a veteran author of military history, offers important insights into the nature of the Great War: "Strategy was replaced by logistics and battles were fought with strange, unfamiliar we