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Carla Hannaford

Full Name: Carla Hannaford
Number of Works: 9
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ISBN: 0915556375, 9780915556373
Keywords: head, learning, moves, smart
Pages: 271
Published: 1995
  • Rating: 80%

Neurophysiologist and educator Dr. Carla Hannaford brings the latest insights from scientific research to questions that affect learners of all ages. Examining the body's role in learning, from infancy through adulthood she presents the mounting scientific evidence that movement is crucial to learning. Dr. Hannaford offers clear alternatives and remedies that people can put into practice right away to make a real difference in their ability to learn. She advocates more enlightened educational practices for homes and schools including: a more holistic view of each learner; less emphasis on rote
ISBN: 0971664706, 9780971664708
Keywords: global, parenting, handbook, heart, child, awakening
Pages: 208
Published: 2002
  • Rating: 80%

"Awakening The Child Heart" is about returning to the child mind, our optimal way to learn and live in joy by living in the present and renewing deep human connection through play, music and starting with the heart rather than the head. The new scientific research around the heart influence on brain function validates the primary importance of human contact through touch and being consciously present. Lack of that primary contact elicits stress, effecting brain, physiological and psychological functioning, beginning with the foetus and embryo during pregnancy.ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dep
ISBN: 0915556405, 9780915556403
Keywords: hand, foot, improve, learning, brain, eye, factor, knowing, dominant, dominance
Pages: 192
Published: 2011

Scientists have long suspected that there are links between the side of the body we favor and the way we think, learn, work, play, and relate to others. Here at last is a book by a neuroscientist that explains these linkages.

An authoritative look at the mind-body connection and its impact on learning and thinking at all ages, this guide describes 32 possible dominant profiles and includes simple methods for identifying them. With this unique approach, it is an essential tool for parents, teachers, and anyone who wishes to understand how people learn. Una mirada de autoridad sobre la conexión entre la mente y el cuerpo y su impacto en aprender y pensar de todas edades, esta guía describe 32 perfiles dominantes y incluye métodos simples para descubrirlos.&n