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Damian Conway

Full Name: Damian Conway
Number of Works: 10
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ISBN: 0596001738, 9780596001735
Keywords: practices, perl
Pages: 517
Published: 2005
  • Rating: 80%

"Damian Conway offers 256 guidelines on the art of coding to help you write better Perl code - in fact, the best Perl code you possibly can. The guidelines cover code layout, naming conventions, choice of data and control structures, program decomposition, interface design and implementation, modularity, object orientation, error handling, testing, and debugging." The guidelines are designed to work together to produce code that is clear, robust, efficient, maintainable, and concise, but Dr. Conway doesn't pretend that this is the one true universal and unequivocal set of best practi
ISBN: 1884777791, 9781884777790
Keywords: concepts, programming, techniques, guide, comprehensive, oriented, perl, object
Pages: 490
Published: 2000
  • Rating: 80%

Programmers who already have basic to intermediate skills in procedural Perl and understand fundamental concepts of object orientation will get a solid understanding of basic and advanced object-oriented Perl. This book clarifies when, where and why to use Perl. Featuring many techniques and tricks, it presents solutions to common programming problem and explains how to combine Perl and C++.
ISBN: 4873113008, 9784873113005
Keywords: perl
Pages: 520
Published: 2006
ISBN: 0596526741, 9780596526740
Keywords: debugging, surviving, programming, tools, hacks, tips, perl
Pages: 273
Published: 2006
  • Rating: 80%

<DIV>With more than a million dedicated programmers, Perl has proven to be the best computing language for the latest trends in computing and business. While other languages have stagnated, Perl remains fresh, thanks to its community-based development model, which encourages the sharing of information among users. This tradition of knowledge-sharing allows developers to find answers to almost any Perl question they can dream up. And you can find many of those answers right here in Perl Hacks. Like all books in O'Reilly's Hacks Series, Perl Hacks appeals to a variety of programmers, whe
ISBN: 0596004788, 9780596004781
Keywords: modules, references, objects, perl, learning
Pages: 205
Published: 2003
  • Rating: 80%

Learning Perl Objects, References & Modules picks up where Learning Perl leaves off. This new book offers a gentle introduction to the world of references, object-oriented programming, and the use of Perl modules that form the backbone of any effective Perl program. Following the successful format of Learning Perl, each chapter in the book is designed to be small enough to be read in just an hour or two. Each chapter ends with a series of exercises to help you practice what you've learned with answers in an appendix for your reference. In short, this book covers everything that separates t
ISBN: 1932394508, 9781932394504
Keywords: people, linux, unix, perl, minimal
Pages: 450
Published: 2006
  • Rating: 80%

With this book, readers learn a carefully designed subset of the language called "Minimal Perl," which was developed through five years of experience in training software professionals at major corporations. It makes Perl more accessible to those having UNIX/Linux skill levels ranging from elementary to expert, by capitalizing on their existing knowledge of important utilities (grep, awk), or essential concepts (filters, command substitution, looping). Dozens of detailed programming examples are shown, drawn from contemporary application areas such as system administration, networkin
ISBN: 0596553676, 9780596553678
Keywords: hacks, perl
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2009