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David Christensen

Full Name: David Christensen
Number of Works: 8
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ISBN: 055723140X, 9780557231409
Keywords: journey
Pages: 248
Published: 2009

This book details the experience of a Healing Touch and Reiki recipient. Given an enhanced awareness of all that was around him, David began a journey of incredible visions. David found our world is not just composed of the tangible world we can see and touch. In this story of the Journey, Dave describes his ability to see within himself and the aura's of others as he developed a new view of the world around him. In this collection, David attempts to sort out the randomness of the visions and relays the rewards of peacefulness given to him by the Healing Touch and Reiki experiences.
ISBN: 0557007747, 9780557007745
Keywords: poetry, discovery
Pages: 48
Published: 2008

Words from the heart after Healing Touch and Reiki experiences. The relaxation of energy work has allowed David's mind to see the world in a refreshing and delightful way. David found the other "D's" that exist in us all and through poetry attempts to share them with the reader.In this collection of over 30 poems, he opens his heart for all to see. The path to this release of creative talent was seeded by David's work while he receives and gives energy. All the poems originated during his heightened senses after Healing Touch and Reiki sessions. Rediscovery of love for his wife Donna
ISBN: 0557068657, 9780557068654
Keywords: poetry, discovery, further
Pages: 88
Published: 2009

Expanding on the original work "Discovery of the D's - Poetry", the journey goes deeper into the world that is David's heart and mind.
ISBN: 1574719777, 9781574719772
Keywords: biology
Pages: 32
Published: 2003