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David D. VanHoose

Full Name: David D. Vanhoose
Number of Works: 17
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ISBN: 0324128800, 9780324128802
Keywords: economics, commerce
Pages: 544
Published: 2002
  • Rating: 60%

Surveying the various ways that economics can be applied to electronic commerce, this unique book illustrates how the e-commerce revolution impacts the economy. The book?s comprehensive coverage includes all relevant applications of e-commerce to the various fields of economics, including industrial organization, public, international, financial and macroeconomics. E-Commerce Economics illustrates how basic economic principles continue to apply to the electronic marketplace, as well as how certain products have required re-thinking some of those principles.
ISBN: 0203830369, 9780203830369
Keywords: economics, commerce
Pages: 464
Published: 2011
ISBN: 0415778972, 9780415778978
Keywords: second, economics, ecommerce
Pages: 496
Published: 2011

This second edition of eCommerce Economics addresses the economic issues associated with using computer-mediated electronic networks, such as the Internet, as mechanisms for transferring ownership of or rights to use goods and services. After studying this book, students will recognize problems that arise in the electronic marketplace, such as how to gauge the competitive environment, what products to offer, how to market those products, and how to price those products. They also will understand the conceptual tools required to evaluate the proper scope of public policies relating to electroni
ISBN: 0324007175, 9780324007176
Keywords: applications, international, policy, theory, macroeconomics
Pages: 592
Published: 1986
  • Rating: 60%

This text provides a sophisticated and comprehensive treatment of intermediate macroeconomic theory. It focuses on helping the reader understand macroeconomic theory and how to apply it to important business, policy, and global issues. Management, policy, and international applications are integrated throughout. In addition, the latest technology tools enhance reader understanding of macroeconomics.
ISBN: 0070423350, 9780070423350
Keywords: banking, money, modern
Pages: 800
Published: 1985

This Third Edition of Modern Money and Banking helps readers keep up with the fast paced world of finance. It presents today's questions and answers-ensuring that readers have the most accurate and current information available. The success of the previous two editions stem from the book's presentation of money and banking theories,concepts,and applications in a manner that guarantees high interest and full understanding. . . and this edition continues to carry over that proven formula. In addition readers can expect the very latest statistics and information on the controversies and pro
ISBN: 0321194241, 9780321194244
Keywords: micro, view, economics, accompany, guide, study
Pages: 240
Published: 1999

This Study Guide is designed to help you read and understand Economics Today, 12th Edition. It can help you decide what topics are the most important, and it can help you f you have to miss a class. It will also help you review for exams.