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Dean Turner

Full Name: Dean Turner
Number of Works: 10
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ISBN: 0012244473, 2940012244475
Keywords: evade, responsibility, philosophy, religion, god, escape
Pages: 291
Published: 2011

This is a book about the high price of life, the high price of love, the high price of happiness. It is about the complex, demanding, compassionate Christianity that Jesus lived, loved and died for. It is about the inevitability of joy and suffering, disappointment, loss and heartbreak. Central to its thesis is the high price that God pays, and that God's children must pay, for the privilege of loving and being loved. It details how philosophy, theology and psychology have been twisted and subverted to draw humankind away from, instead of closer to, God. It clearly reveals how people in myriad
ISBN: 0815960026, 9780815960027
Keywords: thanks, prayer, nose, krinkle
Pages: 92
Published: 1979

"Show me, Lord, how to safeguard this little boy. Don't let me fail to give him whatever warmth and protection he needs to hold onto his life. I want him to grow and live. I want him to find all of the value, meaning and beauty that is out there in the world you created for him. I want him to know Nancy as his mother, not only as his blanket and his milk. I want him to learn to ache inside as he discovers the abiding beauty of his mother's love. I want him to know me as his daddy, with whom he can wrestle, run and laugh. I want him to know that his home is his home, not merely a warm plac
ISBN: 0815952163, 9780815952169
Keywords: education, religion, science, philosophy, care, integrated, commitment
Pages: 415
Published: 1978

In this revolutionary book, Professor Dean Turner brings the most revolutionary concept of humankiind--that of a loving, caring God--into philosophy of religion, education and science. Commitment to Care is a sophisticated, innovative book designed to stretch the frontiers of thought. It is designed to build belief through fact, not blind faith. Commitment to Care is designed both for the individual who, sure in a personal faith is ready to reach for new expressions of God's wonder, as well as for the agnostic who has not found an intellectually sound reason to believe. In reli