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Dennis Kux

Full Name: Dennis Kux
Number of Works: 10
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ISBN: 0871241986, 9780871241986
Keywords: headline, series, state, failed, flawed, pakistan
Pages: 88
Published: 2001
  • Rating: 40%

Fifty-four years after its creation, Pakistan remains a nation in the making, a medium-sized country important to the United States and the world at large, bordering such diverse neighbors as Iran, Afghanistan, China and India. The author traces why Pakistan has failed to achieve political stability, sustained economic growth or a clear sense of national identity and describes the evolution of its foreign and security policies.
ISBN: 0871242214, 9780871242211
Keywords: headline, series, sheet, balance, sixty, positive, india
Pages: 87
Published: 2007

Fifteen years of 6 percent annual growth have propelled India into the global front ranks. India's political democracy has been firmly established for some years, but its economy lagged until 1991 reforms lifted many government controls and free market policies were adopted.Even though poverty, weak infrastructure and other major problems remain, the Indian elephant is moving smartly ahead. With information technology providing the leading edge, India's rapid economic growth should continue. Given its increasing economic importance and its nuclear-weapon status, what India does now matters not