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Don Fleming

Full Name: Don Fleming
Number of Works: 18
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ISBN: 0899576737, 9780899576732
Keywords: commentary, bible, concise, amg
Pages: 604
Published: 2003
  • Rating: 100%
ISBN: 9814045225, 9789814045223
Keywords: places, paul, going, series, lands, bible
Pages: 80
Published: 2003

By the time Paul arrived on the Christian scene, a new spirit was abroad in the church. Instead of the hesitancy, confusion and fear that once characterised Jesus' followers, there was now a bold assurance and clear-sightedness that would shake thw world. The early leadership was provided by Peter and John, whose dynamism arose from their awareness that the risen Christ was working through them. Then came Stephen, whose radical but perceptive insights broke through the barriers of traditionalism and nationalism that had largely confined Christianity to the Jews. But it was Paul who gave
ISBN: 9814045705, 9789814045704
Keywords: pictures, parables, series, lands, bible
Pages: 80
Published: 2003

Stories, pictures and illustrations have always been used as a means of teaching. They take things that are familiar - from nature, history, or everyday life - and use them to each what many otherwise be difficult to grasp. Broadly speaking, these stories, pictures and illustrations are called parables, and they are particulary suitable for teaching moral and spiritual truth. Parables are scattered through the Bible, but most are found in the teaching of Jesus. It is these that are the subject of this book. They may not all be labelled parables, but they all involve imagery of some kind
ISBN: 9814045462, 9789814045469
Keywords: hesus, following
Pages: 80
Published: 2003

Many books, maps and charts record the chronology and routing of biblical events - Abraham's migration from Mesopotamia, Israel's journey from Egypt to Canaan, Paul's missionary travels - but few attempt to follow the life of Jesus in the same way. There are good reasons for this, one of them being that the Bible does not give us enough information to do so with certainty. In writing the Gospels, each writer had a particular purpose, which, in general, was to help his readers understand who Jesus was, what he did and how people should respond to him. This shows us athe best way to read th
ISBN: 0899576753, 9780899576756
Keywords: dictionary, bible, concise
Pages: 478
Published: 2004

"When people read the Bible, they are often frustrated by the wide gap in time and culture that separates them from the original readers. The aim of The AMG Concise Bible Dictionary is to bridge that gap by providing the sort of information that ordinary readers are looking for in their search for a clearer understanding of the Bible. And once they understand the Bible they will find it has its own way of making itself relevant to them"