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Donald Kingsbury

Full Name: Donald Kingsbury
Gender: Male
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Born: 1929-02-12
Number of Works: 9
Donald MacDonald Kingsbury

ISBN: 0671460897, 9780671460891
Keywords: rite, courtship
Pages: 409
Published: 1982
  • Rating: 80%

A vast alien landscape, a human culture based on our own, yet evolved in strange ways by the forces of an inimical nature provide a panoramic backdrop for the romantic adventures of a large cast of memorable & attractive characters. Courtship Rite is a sf novel by American writer Donald Kingsbury, originally serialized in Analog magazine in 1982. The book is set in the same universe as some of his other stories, such as Shipwright (1978) & the unpublished The Finger Pointing Solward. In the UK, the novel was entitled Geta, in France, Parade nuptiale. Courtship Rite was the 1st winner
ISBN: 0765341956, 9780765341952
Keywords: crisis, psychohistorical
Pages: 736
Published: 2001
  • Rating: 80%

<div>A loving homage to Asimov, and dialogue with him--a triumph of galactic-scaled SF that is destined to be recognized as a classic in its own rightEron Osa had faced the ultimate penalty. Not death, but the removal of his fam. Without the augmentation of his brain by his electronic familiar, he can barely function amidst the bewildering complexities of everyday life on Splendid Wisdom. Here, on the capital world of the galaxy's Second Empire, everyone from the meanest citizen to the ruling Pscholars has depended upon a fam since childhood. Without one, simply navigating the streets an
ISBN: 0671653814, 9780671653811
Keywords: son, goddess
Pages: 480
Published: 1986
  • Rating: 80%

Diana's ambition to get a job on the moon started the same day she learned from a child's book of mythology that her namesake was the moon goddess. The time is the late 1980s. The Russians have secretly lofted a full-scale space station that dwarfs the one the U.S. hopes to build in the '90s. The American response - as it was in the late 1950s - is a crash program to overtake and surpass the Soviet effort. And by 2010 their efforts have succeeded. Burgeoning space industry has resulted in an economic boom unprecedented in U.S. history - and man will never again be confined to Earth. "
ISBN: 0671720791, 9780671720797
Keywords: wars, kzin, man
Pages: 311
Published: 1991
  • Rating: 60%

A WINNING TRADITION... Welcome to the hottest pocket in Larry Niven's Known Space: the time of the assault on pacifist humanity by berserker felinoids from the planet Kzin. This time humanity's representatives to the Warrior Race are Donald Kingsbury, Greg Bear, and Steve Stirling. As in traditional in this war for species survival, in all cases "monkey cleverness" (i.e. human cunning) is more than a match for felinoid ferocity. But as is also traditional, victory never comes cheap to those out on the sharp edge of The Man-Kzin Wars. Cover Illustration: Stephen Hickman
ISBN: 0671876074, 9780671876074
Keywords: wars, kzin, man
Pages: 310
Published: 1994
  • Rating: 80%

JUMP QUICK, MONKEY BOY After two unpleasant defeats at the hands of the humans from Earth - those rotten no good, sneaky monkeys with tools - the Kzin Third Fleet has decided a change of strategy is in order. Not scream and leap, but the more subtle and ultimately more satisfying (because it might work!) feint and pounce. The man-killing cats from Kzin are baaack. Only luck or the Outsiders can save us now... Cover illustration: Stephen Hickman
ISBN: 0765306182, 9780765306180
Keywords: renaissance, opera, space
Pages: 944
Published: 2006
  • Rating: 80%

Space opera, once a derisive term for cheap pulp adventure, has come to mean something more in modern SF, compelling adventure stories told against a broad canvas and written to the highest level of skill. Indeed, it can be argued that the "new space opera" is one of the defining streams of modern SF. Contents: I. Redefined Writers o The Star Stealers by Edmond Hamilton o The Prince of Space by Jack Williamson o Enchantress of Venus by Leigh Brackett o The Swordsman of Varnis by Clive Jackson II. Draftees (1960s) o The Game of Rat & Dragon by Cordwainer Smith o Empire Star by S
ISBN: 0441206670, 9780441206674
Keywords: vol, frontier, endless
Pages: 376
Published: 1979
  • Rating: 80%

There's only one Earth And with billions-piled-upon-billions of us, there just isn't enough to go around. So "Use Less", "Think Small", and above all "Be Appropriate" right? WRONG! THere are also eight other planets, thirty-six moons, a million asteroids, a billion comets, an eternal energy source-and an infinite sea of space. It's raining soup Out There. Join bestselling author Jerry Pournelle and his colleagues in an exploration through fact and fiction of The Endless Frontier
ISBN: 0671653598, 9780671653590
Keywords: vol, stars, imperial, empire, republic
Pages: 399
Published: 1987
  • Rating: 80%

Humans must have govenment. If they do not have it, they will create it. But what kind? In Volume I of the Imperial Stars series best-selling author Jerry Pournelle set out to find the answer. His reluctant conclusion: that throughout history, no matter in what form they began, all governments become empires -- or are conquered by them. From Babylon, to Persia, to Rome, to the U.S.S.R.: no matter how hight the founding ideals, the end is ever tyranny. Or is there possibly one form of govenment that can withstand the curse of power and yet be strong enough to try conclusions with Imperial l