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Donna L. Halper

Full Name: Donna L. Halper
Number of Works: 5
Donna L. Halper is a former radio announcer and music director, as well as a broadcasting consultant. An experienced media historian, she is the author of five books and many articles. Currently an assistant professor at Lesley University in Cambridge MA, Ms. Halper is also known for discovering the rock group Rush.


ISBN: 0765605813, 9780765605818
Keywords: american, broadcasting, women, history, stars, social, invisible
Pages: 331
Published: 2001
  • Rating: 100%

"The early years of American broadcasting seem to be an exclusively white male preserve, but broadcast historian Donna Halper documents the countless contributions made by women in this field since its earliest days. This artful social history considers our culture's expectations of women and how those expectations changed throughout the twentieth century, how the advent of television changed the landscape of employment opportunities for women in broadcasting, and how both television and radio communicate about gender roles. Invisible Stars brings the stories of key people like Bertha Bra
ISBN: 0240800818, 9780240800813
Keywords: directing, music, radio
Pages: 112
Published: 1991
  • Rating: 60%

Radio Music Directing takes readers behind the scenes of a radio station's operations and details the challenges involved in this essential station function. The music director meets with record company representatives, researches playlists, maintains the music library, and often helps create and implement formats and playlists.
ISBN: 0240800834, 9780240800837
Keywords: community, programming, radio, service, full
Pages: 112
Published: 1991

Based on many years of experience and interviews with professionals, this book offers an insight into the development, goals and structure of radio's oldest format. Full service radio makes a dramatic impact on the lives of its listeners and holds dominant positions in many markets.