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Douglas Wilson

Full Name: Douglas Wilson
Gender: Male
Hometown: San Diego
Born: 1953-06-18
Number of Works: 82
I write in order to make the little voices in my head go away. Thus far it hasn't worked.

ISBN: 1885767455, 9781885767455
Keywords: marriage, reforming
Pages: 144
Published: 1995
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 1885767838, 9781885767837
Keywords: men, future
Pages: 197
Published: 2001
  • Rating: 80%

How do we build our sons to be tough but not arrogant? mannered but not soft? imaginative but not lazy? bold but not hollow? Future Men is a Christian guide to raising strong, virtuous sons, contrary to the effeminacy and sentimentalism of contemporary culture. When Theodore Roosevelt taught Sunday school for a time, a boy showed up one Sunday with a black eye. He admitted he had been fighting and on a Sunday too. He told the future president that a bigger boy had been pinching his sister, and so he fought him. TR told him that he had done perfectly right and gave him a dollar. The stodgy vest
ISBN: 1885767269, 9781885767264
Keywords: modern, world, courtship, biblical, marriage, hand
Pages: 95
Published: 1997
  • Rating: 80%

The modern dating system is bankrupt. It does not train young people to form a relationship but rather to form a series of relationships, hardening themselves to all but the current one. Recreational dating encourages emotional attachments without covenantal fences and makes a joke of a father's authority. The disrespect children have for their fathers in this area is an echo of the disrespect fathers have for their own office. Biblical courtship provides a wonderful freedom. It involves familial wisdom and godly protection. Grounded upon the involved authority of the father, courtship deli

Public education in America has run into hard times. Even many within the system admit that it is failing. While many factors contribute, Douglas Wilson lays much blame on the idea that education can take place in a moral vacuum. It is not possible for education to be nonreligious, deliberately excluding the basic questions about life. All education builds on the foundation of someone's worldview. Education deals with fundamental questions that require religious answers. Learning to read and write is simply the process of acquiring the tools to ask and answer such questions.A second reason for
ISBN: 188576751X, 9781885767516
Keywords: husband, federal
Pages: 110
Published: 1999
  • Rating: 80%

Federal thinking is foreign to the modern mind. "Federal" has come to mean nothing more than centralized or big. Because your federal government has become so uncovenantal, it is not surprising that the original meaning of the word is lost. But federal thinking is the backbone of historic Protestant theology, and the Church needs to recover the covenantal understanding of federal headship. Husbands are to lead their families, taking responsibility for them as covenant heads-as federal husbands.
ISBN: 1885767250, 9781885767257
Keywords: childrearing, biblical, handbook, promises, standing
Pages: 168
Published: 1997
  • Rating: 80%

God has designed each family to be a culture—with a language, customs, traditions, and countless unspoken assumptions. The culture of the family intimately shapes the children who grow up in it. It is the duty of the father to ensure that the shaping takes place according to biblical wisdom.Some fathers establish a rebellious culture for their children and bring upon their children the wrath of God, sometimes for generations. Other fathers fail to establish any distinct culture, and outside cultures rush to fill the void.Through the Messiah, God promised blessings to His people, "th
ISBN: 1885767307, 9781885767301
Keywords: liberty, god, conversations, words, chairs, hard, easy
Pages: 144
Published: 1997
  • Rating: 80%

Therefore He has mercy on whom He wills, and whom He wills He hardens. You will say to me then, "Why still find fault? For who has resisted His will?" But indeed, O man, who are you to reply against God? (Romans 9:18-20a)Hard words, indeed. But they remain, for all our explanations, God's words.Easy Chairs, Hard Words offers an honest look at many such difficult passages in Scripture. Presented as a series of fictional conversations between a curious young Christian and a seasoned pastor, these dialogues speak with clarity to those new to the Reformed faith. They begin with the quest