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Edward S. Neukrug

Full Name: Edward S. Neukrug
Number of Works: 11
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ISBN: 0495008842, 9780495008842
Keywords: practice, theory, counseling
Pages: 631
Published: 2010

COUNSELING THEORY AND PRACTICE provides readers with a unique, in-depth presentation of all the major theories of counseling and psychotherapy. Author Edward S. Neukrug discusses twelve theories that cover four broad conceptual approaches: psychodynamic, existential-humanistic, cognitive behavioral, and post-modern. The book effectively demonstrates how counseling theories are applied in real counseling settings and also includes a DVD with short clips.
ISBN: 0495009555, 9780495009559
Keywords: counselor, students, educators, workbook, experiencing, world
Pages: 224
Published: 2006

Experiencing the World of the Counselor is a workbook that can be used in conjunction with The World of The Counselor or other Introduction to Counseling texts. It can also be used as a stand-alone workbook for a series of courses where there is an emphasis on activities that focus on self-development. Filled with experiential exercises; vignettes on ethical, professional, and legal issues; self-assessment techniques; and other self-awareness activities, the workbook offers students an opportunity to examine their own lives as they weave through the chapters. Based on the eight core-curriculum