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Frank Joseph

Full Name: Frank Joseph
Gender: Male
Number of Works: 36
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ISBN: 1564147959, 9781564147950
Keywords: encyclopedia, atlantis
Pages: 312
Published: 2005
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0876044348, 9780876044346
Keywords: light, modern, discoveries, civilizations, lost, cayce, atlantis, lemuria, edgar
Pages: 250
Published: 2001
  • Rating: 80%

Twenty-four centuries after Plato left us his intriguing remarks about Atlantis, Edgar Cayce began to talk, in an altered psychic state, about a lost civilization on Lemuria, Atlantis' Pacific precurser. Frank Joseph now takes a look, via archeology and other fields, at how modern discoveries are bolstering the idea that Atlantis and Lemuria really existed, the disturbing parallels between those civilizations and our own, and what those parallels may be telling us.
ISBN: 1880090120, 9781880090121
Keywords: sunken, city, lost, revelations, wisconsin, new, atlantis
Pages: 224
Published: 1995
  • Rating: 60%

Long before the Vikings landed on the North American continent, there was an ancient civilization in Wisconsin. Joseph writes a compelling archaeological history about this lost Bronze Age culture found beneath the depths of Rock Lake a culture the evidence suggests had a lively copper trade with the lost continent of Atlantis! An exciting voyage into our pre-Columbian heritage.
ISBN: 1564148424, 9781564148421
Keywords: legends, unearthed, explored, history, lost, mysteries, ancient, america, discovering
Pages: 288
Published: 2006
  • Rating: 80%

The nursery rhyme begins, "In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." Less well-known is the line that follows: "…to learn if the old maps were true." How can there be "old maps" of a land no one knew existed? Were others here before Columbus? What were their reasons for coming and what unexplained artifacts did they leave behind? The oceans were highways to America rather than barriers, and when discoverers put ashore, they were greeted by unusual inhabitants. In Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America, the author of The Atlan
ISBN: 160163031X, 9781601630315
Keywords: conquerors, castaways, scoundrels, sagas, lost, ancient, america, unearthing
Pages: 287
Published: 2008
  • Rating: 60%

Does Colorado's Grand Canyon hide an ancient city found by a Smithsonian Institution photographer?Did the Vikings beat Columbus to the New World using a fiber-optic navigational instrument?Who built a colossal water reservoir in Iowa long before the first European settlers arrived?What secret have the "Giants of the California Desert" preserved for more than a thousand years?These are just some of the intriguing questions posed and answered by expert researchers in Unearthing Ancient America. They go on to tackle a broad variety of archaeological enigmas shunned as too heretical for