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Graham MacDonald

Full Name: Graham Macdonald
Gender: Male
Number of Works: 14
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ISBN: 1552380149, 9781552380147
Keywords: parks, heritage, series, country, waterton, meet, prairies, history, mountains
Pages: 210
Published: 2000
  • Rating: 80%

Where the Mountains Meet the Prairies reveals the human history of one of the most popular and breathtakingly beautiful national parks in western Canada. The scope of this book is grand; Graham MacDonald takes his audience back to prehistoric times in the Waterton-Glacier area and finally, deposits his readers in the 1990's park, after a tour covering thousands of years of history. From a discussion of the British naturalist, Charles Waterton, for whom the park was named, to explorations of such topics as conservation and ecology, native traditions and treaties, townsite development and the c
ISBN: 0415319714, 9780415319713
Keywords: appraisals, critical, popper, karl
Pages: 240
Published: 2004
  • Rating: 60%
ISBN: 0199583625, 9780199583621
Keywords: mind, series, occasional, association, emergence
Pages: 288
Published: 2010

There have long been controversies about how it is that minds can fit into a physical universe. Emergence in Mind presents new essays by a distinguished group of philosophers investigating whether mental properties can be said to 'emerge' from the physical processes in the universe. Such emergence requires mental properties to be different from physical properties, and much of the discussion relates to what the consequences of such a difference might be in areas such as freedom of the will, and the possibility of scientific explanations of non-physical (for example, social) phenomena. The volu
ISBN: 1553831837, 9781553831839
Keywords: history, illustrated, casual, neighbours, waskesiu
Pages: 103
Published: 2008

This informal review of the past and present of one of Saskatchewan’s favourite holiday destinations, accompanied by a visual feast of rare photographs, postcards and artwork, will fascinate seasoned visitors to Waskesiu as well as those who have yet to discover its pleasures.
ISBN: 0203326881, 9780203326886
Keywords: popper, karl
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2004

A volume of insightful new essays by well-known philosophers re-evaluating the significance of Karl Popper's contribution to twentieth-century philosophy.
ISBN: 0631185429, 9780631185420
Keywords: psychology, philosophy
Pages: 401
Published: 1995

This volume consists of eight sections presenting debates on central issues in the general area of explanation and methodology in psychology. Each section includes a classic paper already published by a philosopher or cognitive scientist on a problem in the philosophy of psychology along with a response proposing a different view of the matter, followed by an original reply by the main contributor. The sections are forwarded by introductions written by the editors. Topics covered in the volume include: causal relevance, explanatory relevance, externalism and psychological explanation, biopsych