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Jacob Neusner

Full Name: Jacob Neusner
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut
Born: 1932-07-28
Number of Works: 727
Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Neusner was educated at Harvard University, the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (where he received rabbinic ordination), the University of Oxford, and Columbia University.

Neusner is often celebrated as one of the most published authors in history (he has written or edited more than 950 books.)Since 1994, he has taught at Bard College. He has also taught at Columbia University, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, Brandeis University, Dartmouth College, Brown University, and the University of South Florida.

Neusner is a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and a life member of Clare Hall, Cambridge University. He is the only scholar to have served on both the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts. He also has received scores of academic awards, honorific and otherwise.

ISBN: 0773520465, 9780773520462
Keywords: jesus, talks, rabbi
Pages: 161
Published: 1993
  • Rating: 80%

Jacob Neusner imagines himself in a dialogue with Jesus of Nazareth and pays him the supreme Judaic gesture of respect: making a connection with him through an honest debate about the nature of God's One Truth. Neusner explains why the Sermon on the Mount - by the criterion of the Torah of Moses - would not have convinced him to follow Jesus and why he would have continued to follow the teachings of Moses. He explores the reasons Christians believe in Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven, while Jews continue to believe in the Torah of Moses and a kingdom of priests and holy people on earth.
ISBN: 0300050224, 9780300050226
Keywords: translation, new, mishnah
Pages: 1207
Published: 1988
  • Rating: 80%

"The Mishna", a six-part codification of oral rabbinic law, is the basis of the Talmud. It is one of the two holy books upon which Judaism has been constructed. This edition aims to provide as close to a literal translation as possible, following the syntax of Mishnaic Hebrew.
ISBN: 0385497512, 9780385497510
Keywords: literature, rabbinic, introduction
Pages: 752
Published: 1994
  • Rating: 80%

The achievement of a lifetime from one of today's most eminent Judaic scholars—a landmark commentary on the history of rabbinical teachings in the Christian era: the Mishnah, the Tosefta, the Talmuds, and more.