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James Clerk Maxwell

Full Name: James Clerk Maxwell
Number of Works: 61
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ISBN: 1573929891, 9781573929899
Keywords: series, minds, motion, matter
Pages: 185
Published: 1991
  • Rating: 80%

<div>The great physicist's elegant, concise survey of Newtonian dynamics proceeds gradually from simple particles of matter to physical systems beyond complete analysis. Includes "On the Equation of Motion of a Connected System," from Volume II of Electricity and Magnetism. Appendixes deal with relativity motion and principles of least action.</div>
ISBN: 1933998997, 9781933998992
Keywords: illustrated, volume, magnetism, electricity, treatise
Pages: 484
Published: 2007
  • Rating: 100%

An Unabridged Reprinting (Volume 2 Of 2), To Include Over Sixty Figures: Elementary Theory Of Magnetism - Magnetic Force And Magnetic Induction - Particular Forms Of Magnets - Induced Magnetization - Magnetic Problems - Weber's Theory Of Magnetic Induction - Magnetic Measurements - Terrestrial Magnetism - Electromagnetic Force - Mutual Action Of Electric Currents - Induction Of Electric Currents - Induction Of A Current On Itself - General Equations Of Dynamics - Application Of Dynamics To Electromagnetism - Electrokinetics - Exploration Of The Field By Means Of The Secondary Circuit - General
ISBN: 0486417352, 9780486417356
Keywords: physics, books, dover, heat, theory
Pages: 364
Published: 1888
  • Rating: 80%

<div>This classic sets forth the fundamentals of thermodynamics clearly and simply enough to be understood by a beginning student, yet with enough subtlety and depth of thought to appeal also to more advanced readers. It elucidates fundamentals of kinetic theory and illustrates the Second Law of Thermodynamics with "Maxwell’s demon."</div>
ISBN: 0012854964, 2940012854964
Keywords: field, electromagnetic, theory, dynamical
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2011

Scanned, proofed and corrected from the original hardcover edition for enjoyable reading. (Worth every penny spent!)***An excerpt from:PART I. &#x2013; INTRODUCTORY.(1) The most obvious mechanical phenomenon in electrical and magnetical experiments is the mutual action by which bodies in certain states set each other in motion while still at a sensible distance from each other. The first step, therefore, in reducing these phenomena into scientific form, is to ascertain the magnitude and direction of the force acting between the bodies, and when it is found that this force depends in a cert
ISBN: 0521101352, 9780521101356
Keywords: maxwell, volume, clerk, james, letters, papers, scientific
Pages: 800
Published: 2009

This is a comprehensive edition of Maxwell's manuscript papers published virtually complete and largely for the first time. Maxwell's work was of central importance in establishing and developing the major themes of the physics of the nineteenth century: his theory of the electromagnetic field and the electromagnetic theory of light and his special place in the history of physics. His fecundity of imagination and the sophistication of his examination of the foundations of physics give particular interest and importance to his writings. Volume I: 1846–1862 documents Maxwell's educ
ISBN: 0521101379, 9780521101370
Keywords: maxwell, volume, clerk, james, letters, papers, scientific
Pages: 974
Published: 2009

The final volume of James Clerk Maxwell's correspondence and manuscript papers covers the years 1874-1879, during Maxwell's Cambridge Professorship, his directing of the Cavendish Laboratory, and his work as writer and editor. His letters show his response to innovations in physical theory—by Boltzmann, Gibbs, Lorentz, and van der Waals—and further explorations in statistical physics and the kinetic theory of gases. His letters reflect his influence on the younger generation of physicists whose outlook was shaped by "Maxwellian physics". This edition is annotated with a ful