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Jay Dubya

Full Name: Jay Dubya
Number of Works: 51
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ISBN: 1589096770, 9781589096776
Keywords: henry
Pages: 218
Published: 2010
  • Rating: 100%
ISBN: 0011885777, 2940011885778
Keywords: dozen, baker
Pages: 256
Published: 2007

Two Baker's Dozen is a collection of twenty-six short stories and is author Jay Dubya's ninth story collection written in the spirit of Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Part II, Pieces of Eight, Part III, Pieces of Eight, Part IV, Nine New Novellas, Nine New Novellas, Part II, Nine New Novellas, Part III and Nine New Novellas, Part IV. Two Baker's Dozen contains original works of science fiction, paranormal and mystery. Many of the stories feature suspense and surprise-endings, writing techniques that the author enjoys utilizing. ---------------------------------------------------------------
ISBN: 0011885548, 2940011885549
Keywords: slaughtered, part, savaged, smeared, slammed, shakespeare
Pages: 488
Published: 2010

Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered, Part II is adult literature featuring adult language and content. Jay Dubya converts ten of William Shakespeare's most famous plays into crazy risqué and bawdy satire/parodies. "Much Ado about Nothing" and "The Merry Wives of Windsor" are creatively assaulted along with "Henry IV, Part I" and "Henry IV, Part II." "Twelfth Night" and "The Taming of the Shrew" are also degenerated and pulverized. Jay Dubya also humorously broadsides "Julius Caesar" and "Romeo
ISBN: 001188505X, 2940011885051
Keywords: 50s, novel, denim, blue, leather, black
Pages: 454
Published: 2010

Black Leather and Blue Denim is a '50s novel about greaser gang conflict in Levittown, Pennsylvania. J.W. narrates the story. J.W. (age twelve) and his family move into the Dogwood Hollow section of Levittown in the spring of '54. He soon makes friends with Carnie, the neurotic son of a carnival barker, and Tinker, a mechanically inclined, vindictive kid with destructive tendencies. The three boys are picked on and harassed by older greasers from Kenwood, another section of Levittown. In April of '54, the Fairless Hills Steel Mill opens, and the Caracas, a Venezuelan ship is carrying the first
ISBN: 0011885211, 2940011885211
Keywords: part, classics, tasteless, sick, thirteen
Pages: 202
Published: 2010

Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics, Part II is adult literature having adult content and language. The work spoofs, satirizes and humorizes thirteen classic stories from Greek mythology and from American, British, Danish and Biblical literature. Jay Dubya goes right to work retelling two popular ancient Greek myths' "Orpheus" and "The Three Golden Apples." In the area of ancient legends the author has also reorganized and corrupted the famous Bible-related tale "King David Chooses Solomon." Short story American literature is also spoofed and analyzed in a new rendit
ISBN: 0011857749, 2940011857744
Keywords: part, classics, tasteless, sick, thirteen
Pages: 241
Published: 2010

Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics, Part IV is adult literature featuring adult content and language. The work satirizes and spoofs thirteen classic stories from U.S., British, French, Russian, Arabian literature and from Greek mythology. Jay Dubya goes right to work retelling and sideswiping tales from American literature. Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game," O. Henry's "A Retrieved Reformation," Edgar Allan Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death," Jack London's "Love of Life," and Mark Twain's "Tom and Huck's Gang" are thoroughly degenerate