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Jeremi Suri

Full Name: Jeremi Suri
Number of Works: 7
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ISBN: 039392744X, 9780393927443
Keywords: history, casebooks, norton, revolutions, global
Pages: 256
Published: 2006
  • Rating: 60%

This casebook explores the common sources of protest and the mechanisms by which unrest became a global phenomenon. It also includes in-depth discussion of how different countries reacted to the protests. The documents reveal common experiences across national boundaries for protesters and government officials alike. In particular, the voices of protesters included here illustrate how events emerged from a constellation of ideas circulating among young people in different cultures.
ISBN: 1439141703, 9781439141700
Keywords: building, founders, obama, nation, american, surest, guardian, liberty
Pages: 368
Published: 2011

Here is the one book Obama needs to read as he works to extricate us from Iraq and Afghanistan. We are a nation–building people, and Jeremi Suri—Nobel Fellow and leading light in the next generation of policy makers—looks to America’s recent history to see what our country has to offer to failed states around the world. Nation–building is in America’s DNA. It dates back to the days of the Revolution when the founding fathers invented the concept of popular sovereignty—the idea that you cannot have a national government without a collective will. The fr
ISBN: 1405184485, 9781405184489
Keywords: reader, documentary, relations, foreign, american
Pages: 272
Published: 2010

This volume brings together more than 50 documents which examine foreign policy not only in terms of leaders and states, but also through social movements, cultures, ideas, and images, to provide comprehensive understanding of how Americans have interacted with the wider world since 1898.<ul><li>Draws together over 50 primary documents to give readers a first-hand account of the people and events that shaped the foreign policy of the United States<li>Incorporates documents relating not only to leaders and states, but also to social movements, cultures, ideas, and images<li