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Jonni McCoy

Full Name: Jonni Mccoy
Number of Works: 9
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ISBN: 0764226126, 9780764226120
Keywords: income, economy, one, living, moms, miserly
Pages: 256
Published: 1996
  • Rating: 60%

Save Thousands of Dollars a Year Jonni McCoy and her family are proof that you live on one income. The McCoys made a successful transition from two incomes to one while living in one of the most expensive parts of America: the San Francisco Bay Area. Her Miserly Guidelines will help you save thousands of dollars a year on everything from groceries to electricity to insurance and household cleaners—as well as reveal the hidden costs of holding a job and common money wasters. Her practical, proven cost-saving techniques, strategies, tips, and recipes will help you live frugally without f
ISBN: 0764226134, 9780764226137
Keywords: 75, per, serving, recipes, tasty, meals, healthy, miserly
Pages: 256
Published: 2002
  • Rating: 80%

The Miserly Mom’s Favorite Cookbook from the Bestselling Author of Miserly Moms! Feed your family inexpensive, delicious, and healthy meals that are easy to prepare. Sound impossible? Jonni McCoy shows you how with step-by-step recipes for main dishes, desserts, soups, and baked goods, plus snacks, beverages, and money-saving mixes. She even includes the nutritional analysis for every recipe as well as a useful kitchen tip. Contains over 200 recipes. Miserly Meals has an easy-to-use lay-flat binding.
ISBN: 0764226142, 9780764226144
Keywords: earned, money, hard, making, families, frugal
Pages: 240
Published: 1998
  • Rating: 60%

Jonni McCoy assists women like herself: a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom. Be frugal for a purpose: to live on one salary, to get out of debt, or to save for those big-ticket purchases. Frugal Families packs advice, resources, creative ideas, and encouragement into every chapter so readers can easily find the information that meets their specific needs. Now in its second edition, this book has been rewritten to include new and updated material. About the Author:Jonni McCoy, the author of the bestselling Miserly Moms, holds a bachelor's degree in Speech Communication from the University of Cal
ISBN: 1441203974, 9781441203977
Keywords: ecomony, tough, living, moms, miserly
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2009
  • Rating: 60%

With gas and food prices soaring, there's more need than ever before for Jonni McCoy's Miserly Moms. Jonni shares the money-saving strategies that allowed her family to transition from two incomes to one. These practical, proven strategies, tips, and recipes will help anyone live frugally without feeling deprived. Real-life examples show how anyone can learn to live more carefully and reach their financial goals. Now in its fourth edition, Miserly Moms is packed with even more ways to reduce a family's expenses and expose hidden living costs.
ISBN: 1441210873, 9781441210876
Keywords: recipes, serving, simple, tasting, meals, healthy
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2009

For women looking to spend less and still provide healthy meals for their families, Jonni McCoy's Healthy Meals for Less packs in over 200 delicious and healthy recipes for main dishes, desserts, appetizers, baked goods, snacks, and beverages. Each recipe includes a nutritional analysis, cost per serving, and a useful kitchen tip, making this a go-to cookbook for every night of the week!
ISBN: 1907562028, 9781907562020
Keywords: crunch, credit, beat, ways
Pages: 256
Published: 2011

The ‘credit crunch’ is something that is affecting us all – from the international mortgage lenders and banks, right down to moms doing the weekly shop. This great new guide shows you well over 100 ways to help ease the strain during these troubled times. Divided into nine sections covering all aspects of life, discover background information, top tips and advice on getting the best deals in personal finance, such as mortgages and credit cards; ways to cut down your spending in the shops – online and in the high street; how to reduce your outlay on food; budget cleaning