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Joyce LeBaron

Full Name: Joyce Lebaron
Number of Works: 4
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ISBN: 0618129901, 9780618129904
Keywords: english, learners, thesaurus, heritage, american
Pages: 336
Published: 2002

"This reference contains more than 6,000 synonyms that have been carefully chosen for their usefulness to students of English." Every synonym has a short, clear definition that helps distinguish it from other synonyms in its group; every synonym has its own example sentence that shows proper usage and clarifies shades of meaning; and a useful appendix includes a list of irregular English verbs with full example sentences and a list of common English expressions showing the proper use of prepositions.
ISBN: 0618280294, 9780618280292
Keywords: thesaurus, student, heritage, american
Pages: 384
Published: 2003

This is the definitive thesaurus for middle school and high school students. No other book at this level offers as many synonyms, example sentences, or features.• 6,000 main entries, with more than 70,000 synonyms in all • Clear example sentences for every meaning of every entry word • Word Group features include related vocabulary for words with no true synonyms