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Kenichi Ohmae

Full Name: Kenichi Ohmae
Number of Works: 33
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ISBN: 0070479046, 9780070479043
Keywords: business, japanese, art, strategist, mind
Pages: 304
Published: 1982
  • Rating: 80%

A Masterful Analysis of Company, Customer, and CompetitionKenichi Ohmae-voted by The Economist as “one of the world's top five management gurus”-changed the landscape of management strategy in The Mind of the Strategist. In this compelling account of global business domination, Ohmae reveals the vital thinking processes and planning techniques of prominent companies, showing why they work, and how any company can benefit from them.Filled with case studies of strategic thinking in action, Ohmae's classic work inspires today's managers to excel to new heights of bold, imaginative thinking an
ISBN: 0060197536, 9780060197537
Keywords: new, economy, strategy, global, continent, invisible
Pages: 272
Published: 2000
  • Rating: 80%

Kenichi Ohame looks ahead to the future of business in the age of the Internet and sees a rapidly changing landscape -- one to which we must adapt or face the consequences. Ohame unveils this new economy's four basic forces and shows how a dramatic and volatile battleground is forming between companies and the countries that try to regulate them.Just as The Borderless World foresaw a globally interlinked economy, The Invisible Continent maps out the coming technological revolutions and the impact they will have on the businesses around the world. A must read for anyone seeking to attain and ke
ISBN: 0131742426, 9780131742420
Keywords: stage, global
Pages: 312
Published: 2005
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0071040242, 9780071040242
Keywords: proxima, decada, mundial, competencia, triada, panorama, poder
Pages: Unknown
Published: 1985
  • Rating: 100%

During the last year renowned business strategist Kenichi Ohmae's pathbreaking ideas on the globalization of industries and products have made headlines in leading financial newspapers and business publications on three continents. Now, in this eagerly awaited book, Ohmae integrates and expands his much discussed concepts -- to demonstrate why corporations hoping to compete in the global arena must become "insiders" in what he calls the Triad: Europe, Japan, and the United States. Ohmae explains that becoming an insider means nothing less than full membership in the indigenous busin
ISBN: 007149345X, 9780071493451
Keywords: century, business, manifesto, professional
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2007
  • Rating: 80%

One of the world's greatest business thinkers presents his vision for changing the culture of leadership In his innovative book The Professional, Dr. Kenichi Ohmae outlined his prescription for success in the 21st century global business world-a distillation of the precepts of a leader and professional that galvanized Japanese enterprise. Now this edition, in English for the first time, brings his insights on business success to the rest of the world. Ohmae reveals how “the professional” can obtain the expertise, ethics, and discipline to grow business and deliver the highest valu