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Kenn Apel

Full Name: Kenn Apel
Number of Works: 5
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Clinical resource compares and contrasts diverse approaches to language assessment and intervention to ensure the best treatment is chosen for each client.

The ability to use language in more literate ways has always been a central outcome of education. Today, however, "being literate" requires more than functional literacy, the recognition of printed words as meaningful. It requires the knowledge of how to use language as a tool for analyzing, synthesizing, and integrating what is heard or read in order to arrive at new interpretations.Specialists in education, cognitive psychology, learning disabilities, communication sciences and disorders, and other fields have studied the language learning problems of school age children from their
ISBN: 1593850050, 9781593850050
Keywords: disorders, development, literacy, language, handbook
Pages: 733
Published: 2004

This state-of-the-art handbook reviews the latest advances in theory, research, and practice in language and literacy development. The close connections between language and literacy processes-both typical and atypical-are thoroughly explored in chapters from leading authorities in communication sciences and disorders, learning disabilities, and literacy education. The first three sections cover the cognitive and neurological underpinnings of language and literacy development and disorders; the sociocultural contexts of learning, including ways to promote success in students at risk; and how s