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Kenneth G. Henshall

Full Name: Kenneth G. Henshall
Number of Works: 11
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ISBN: 1403912726, 9781403912725
Keywords: superpower, stone, japan, history
Pages: 264
Published: 1999
  • Rating: 60%

<div>In a rare combination of comprehensive coverage and sustained critical focus, this book examines Japanese history in its entirety to identify the factors underlying the nation's progression to superpower status. Japan's achievement is explained not merely in economic terms, but at a more fundamental level, as a product of historical patterns of response to circumstance. Japan is shown to be a nation historically impelled by a pragmatic determination to succeed. The book also highlights unresolved questions and little-known facts.</div>
ISBN: 0804816638, 9780804816632
Keywords: katakana, hiragana, learning, guide
Pages: 104
Published: 1990
  • Rating: 80%

This text teaches Hiragana and Katakana with space allotted for practice.
ISBN: 0230266835, 9780230266834
Keywords: caesar, normans, history, british, fortune, folly
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2008

With its prime focus on the human factor in history, this book examines the role of foolishness in the unfolding of major events in Britain, particularly invasions, from Caesar's expeditions to the Norman Conquest. Many historians believe that foolishness in a bygone age cannot be meaningfully assessed, but this book does not accept that view.
ISBN: 8804545305, 9788804545309
Keywords: giappone, del, storia
Pages: 321
Published: 2005