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Laurence Shatkin

Full Name: Laurence Shatkin
Number of Works: 17
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ISBN: 1593576234, 9781593576233
Keywords: jobs, proof, recession
Pages: 422
Published: 2008
  • Rating: 80%

This unveils the most secure and high-paying jobs in good times and bad times. In just two steps, this book helps readers focus their career options and learn more about secure jobs that interest them. First, reader explore 75 lists that rank the best recession-proof jobs according to pay, growth, openings, education level, personality type and more. Next, readers review descriptions of the jobs that appeal to them. These detailed descriptions include information about a job's pay, growth, openings, tasks, skills needed and much more.
ISBN: 1593574762, 9781593574765
Keywords: world, jobs
Pages: 420
Published: 2007
  • Rating: 60%

150 Best Jobs for a Better World helps readers discover job opportunities that allow them to improve the world through work, while enjoying many rewards including good pay. This groundbreaking resource helps job seekers, career changers, and new graduates explore careers in health, education, fine arts, public safety, social service, natural resources, and many more fields and industries. The careers are ranked according to pay, growth, and openings, so readers are able to see which jobs will allow them to do good for others, society, and themselves.The jobs featured in this book are organiz
ISBN: 1593574770, 9781593574772
Keywords: introverts, jobs
Pages: 448
Published: 2007
  • Rating: 60%

200 Best Jobs for Introverts helps readers make the best career match for their strengths in just two steps:(1)Review best jobs lists to compare careers and to find those that suit them best. (2) Learn more about their careers of interest through detailed job descriptions.More than 75 "best jobs" lists include information about the best careers for introverts organized by pay, growth, opening, interests, education, self-employment, part-time work, gender, age, and more. Readers also learn the best jobs ranked by levels of quiet, solitary work, contact with others, autonomy, and dir
ISBN: 1593575556, 9781593575557
Keywords: jobs, stress, low
Pages: 432
Published: 2008
  • Rating: 60%
ISBN: 1593578156, 9781593578152
Keywords: plan, career
Pages: 192
Published: 2010
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 159357360X, 9781593573607
Keywords: major, career, choose, matcher, minute, college
Pages: 212
Published: 2006
  • Rating: 60%

Checklists help match you with a major and a career. Instant facts on 120 college majors and insightful career snapshots.