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Luke Sullivan

Full Name: Luke Sullivan
Gender: Male
Born: 1954-07-01
Number of Works: 4
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ISBN: 0471281395, 9780471281399
Keywords: creating, ads, guide, squeeze, whipple, hey
Pages: 288
Published: 1998
  • Rating: 80%

In this second edition of the irreverent, celebrated Hey Whipple, Squeeze This, master copywriter Luke Sullivan looks at the history of advertising, from the good to the bad to the ugly. Updated to include two extended final chapters with in-depth prescriptions for building a career in advertising, this edition also features a real-world look at the day-to-day operations of today's ad agencies. Among the most disparaged campaigns in advertising history, the Mr. Whipple ads for Charmin toilet paper were also wildly successful. Sullivan explores the Whipple phenomenon, examining why bad ads some
ISBN: 0012502944, 2940012502940
Keywords: roll, shadow, mayo, clinic, rock, addiction, rooms, hide, insanity, thirty
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2011
  • Rating: 100%

"The Shining . . . but funnier." That's how the author describes his memoir "Thirty Rooms To Hide In: Insanity, Addiction, and Rock ‘n’ Roll in the Shadow of the Mayo Clinic." It's the story of six boys growing up in a great dark house in Minnesota, as the father – a respected surgeon – goes slowly insane. With winters raging outside and the father raging within, it is their mother's protection that allows the boys to have a wildly fun, thoroughly dysfunctional time growing up. With dark humor as the coin of their realm, and the
ISBN: 1118101332, 9781118101339
Keywords: creating, advertising, guide, squeeze, whipple, hey
Pages: 304
Published: 2012

The classic (and irreverent) bestselling guide to creating great advertisingHey Whipple, Squeeze This has inspired a generation of ad students, copywriters, and young creatives to make their mark in the industry. But students need new guidance to ply their craft now in the digital world. This new fourth edition explains how to bring brand stories into interactive, dynamic places online, in addition to traditional television, radio, print, and outdoor ads.Creativity is still king, but this new edition contains:<ul><li>Important new chapters and updates that bring Whipple into th