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Marc Leeds

Full Name: Marc Leeds
Number of Works: 3
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ISBN: 0313292302, 9780313292309
Keywords: compendium, authorized, encyclopedia, vonnegut
Pages: 712
Published: 1994
  • Rating: 100%

The Vonnegut Encyclopedia is the authorized, comprehensive, descriptive catalogue of the characters, themes, phrasing, and imagery found in Kurt Vonnegut's novels, short stories, plays, and essays. Starting with the false utopia governed by the ruling technocracy of Player Piano (1952) and on through Vonnegut's third collection of autobiographical and topical essays in Fates Worse Than Death (1991), the Encyclopedia enables the reader to recall the significance of any character (no matter how minor) and to trace the recurrence of characters and images across numerous texts. Additionally, Vonne
ISBN: 0313297193, 9780313297199
Keywords: essays, interviews, chronicles, vonnegut
Pages: 288
Published: 1996
  • Rating: 100%

Since 1950, when his short stories first appeared, Kurt Vonnegut has published almost 50 short stories, 13 novels, two plays, and a teleplay. He has remained one of the shrewdest commentators—and often harshest critics—of American society, challenging the complacency of the Eisenhower years, watching the Kennedy's with admiration, and disliking Nixon. He has remained one of the most important chroniclers of American life, his message often foreboding though rarely gloomy. Yet he occupies an ambiguous place in American letters. The 14 essays in this collection seek to chronicle Vonne
ISBN: 0313309752, 9780313309755
Keywords: representations, images, vonnegut, kurt
Pages: 216
Published: 2000

Since the publication of his first short stories in the 1950s, Kurt Vonnegut has enjoyed much popular acclaim and has, since the 1970s, gained growing amounts of attention from the scholarly community. In the course of his career, he has become increasingly concerned with visual images. While such imagery occurs in his short fiction and novels, he has also written plays, in which ideas are visually represented on the stage. In recent years, he has devoted more and more of his time and energy to graphic art, producing paintings that are then silk screened. The contributors to this volume look a