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Marie-Claude Monchaux

Full Name: Marie-claude Monchaux
Number of Works: 12
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ISBN: 2869850344, 9782869850347
Keywords: goblin, princesse, las
Pages: 255
Published: 1872
  • Rating: 80%

Young Princess Irene's belief in her great-grandmother's powers becomes essential as she and the miner Curdie work to foil the sinister Goblin plot against the king and his palace. As always with George MacDonald, everything here is more than meets the eye: this in fact is MacDonald's grace-filled vision of the world. Said to be one of J.R.R. Tolkien's childhood favorites, The Princess and the Goblin is the story of the young Princess Irene, her good friend Curdie--a minor's son--and Irene's mysterious and beautiful great great grandmother, who lives in a secret room at the top of the castle
ISBN: 0516055526, 9780516055527
Keywords: books, seasons, claude, marie, spring
Pages: 31
Published: 1986

Fourteen poems celebrate the flowers, singing birds, baby ducks, and other signs that spring has arrived.
ISBN: 0516055542, 9780516055541
Keywords: books, seasons, claude, maude, winter
Pages: 31
Published: 1985

Fifteen poems celebrate the snow, hibernating animals, icicles, and other signs of winter.
ISBN: 0516055534, 9780516055534
Keywords: books, seasons, claude, maude, summer
Pages: 31
Published: 1986

A collection of poems celebrating the many pleasures of the summer season.
ISBN: 1562397079, 9781562397074
Keywords: kwanzaa, celebrating
Pages: 32
Published: 1996

Explains in rhyming text the customs associated with the African American harvest holiday Kwanzaa.
ISBN: 1562397052, 9781562397050
Keywords: day, father, celebrating
Pages: 32
Published: 1996

Rhyming text narrates a child's activities in celebration of Father's Day.