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Marie Corelli

Full Name: Marie Corelli
Gender: Female
Hometown: London, England
Born: 1855-05-01
Died: 1924-04-21
Number of Works: 122
Marie Corelli (born Mary Mackay) was a British novelist, whose controversial works of the time often label her as an early advocate of the New Age movement.

ISBN: 1406515442, 9781406515442
Keywords: worlds, romance
Pages: 268
Published: 1973
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 1551114194, 9781551114194
Keywords: paris, drama, wormwood
Pages: 407
Published: 1980
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 1404333460, 9781404333468
Keywords: thelma
Pages: 524
Published: 1989
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 1406515396, 9781406515398
Keywords: dead, story, ardath
Pages: 548
Published: 1980
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 1406925462, 9781406925463
Keywords: romance, reality, everlasting, life
Pages: 282
Published: 1978
  • Rating: 80%

1911. More Corelli Metaphysical Fiction! Contents: The Fairy Ship; Angel of a Dream; A Bunch of Heather; An Unexpected Meeting; Recognition; Memories; Visions; Doubtful Destiny; Strange Associations; One Way of Love; A Love-Letter; The House of Aselzion; Cross and Star; A First Lesson; Shadow and Sound; The Magic Book; Dreams Within a Dream; The Unknown Deep; Into the Light.
ISBN: 1904095089, 9781904095088
Keywords: parents, letter, war, love
Pages: 144
Published: 2001
  • Rating: 60%

<DIV><DIV>In a letter to her parents, written in Rome in the summer of 1944, Maria Corelli tells of her life on the run in Italy during the Second World War. As the Germans approach, she and her husband risk their lives to follow their friend, a Jewish musician, into hiding in the mountains, only to find their own relationship broken apart.</DIV></DIV>
ISBN: 1406515507, 9781406515503
Keywords: soul, wicked, problem, ziska
Pages: 176
Published: 1998
  • Rating: 80%