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Mark Bittman

Full Name: Mark Bittman
Gender: Male
Number of Works: 30
Mark Bittman is an American food journalist and author. He writes a weekly column for The New York Times dining section called The Minimalist.

In 2009 Bittman published Food Matters discussing the topics of environmental challenges, lifestyle diseases, and the overproduction and over consumption of meat, simple carbohydrates, and junk food.

Bittman is married to New York Times graphic designer and art director Kelly Doe. They live in New York City. He has two adult daughters from his first marriage to the writer Karen Baar. Bittman is a licensed pilot and a marathon runne

ISBN: 0764524836, 9780764524837
Keywords: vegetarian, everything, cook
Pages: 1008
Published: 2003
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0767906721, 9780767906722
Keywords: world, recipes
Pages: 768
Published: 2005
  • Rating: 80%

With his million-copy bestseller How to Cook Everything, Mark Bittman made the difficult doable. Now he makes the exotic accessible.In this highly ambitious, accomplished, globe-spanning work, Bittman gathers the best recipes that people from dozens of countries around the world cook every day. And when he brings his distinctive no-frills approach to dishes that were once considered esoteric, America's home cooks will eagerly follow where they once feared to tread.In more than a thousand recipes, Bittman compellingly demonstrates that there are many places besides Italy and France to which coo
ISBN: 1439120234, 9781439120231
Keywords: recipes, living, revolutionary, cookbook, matters, food
Pages: 656
Published: 2010
  • Rating: 80%

From the award-winning champion of conscious eating and author of the bestselling Food Matters comes The Food Matters Cookbook, offering the most comprehensive and straightforward ideas yet for cooking easy, delicious foods that are as good for you as they are for the planet. The Food Matters Cookbook is the essential encyclopedia and guidebook to responsible eating, with more than 500 recipes that capture Bittman’s typically relaxed approach to everything in the kitchen. There is no finger-wagging here, just a no-nonsense and highly flexible case for eating more plants while cutting back on
ISBN: 1416575669, 9781416575665
Keywords: seasonal, dishes, minutes, inspired, express, bittman, kitchen, mark
Pages: 192
Published: 2009
  • Rating: 80%

New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman is a minimalist with an expansive vision. The author of the How to Cook Everything series doesn't believe that you need either a French Culinary Institute degree or advanced training in kitchen chemistry to satisfy the appetites of yourself and your guests. Instead, he counsels simplicity. Each of these 404 seasonal recipes is presented in just one paragraph, but the results can tempt the sternest gourmet: Shrimp with Asparagus; Dill or Spice Poached Eggs; Truffled Arugula Prosciutto Salad; Apricot Cream Upside Down Pie; Salmon and Sweet Potato with C
ISBN: 0767909267, 9780767909266
Keywords: fewer, ingredients, time, flavor, give, cooks, home, recipes, minimalist
Pages: 240
Published: 2000
  • Rating: 80%

Who says cooking has to be complicated and elaborate to be appealing and exciting? Mark Bittman, author of How to Cook Everything and Fish, as well as "The Minimalist" column in The New York Times, doesn't think so. He offers The Minimalist Cooks at Home, featuring recipes that are honest, warm, graceful, sophisticated, and most of all, simple. This book is not about cracking open a can or a jar or tearing open a box from the freezer. Bittman's wonderful recipes revel in the simplicity that good, fresh ingredients offer. Most appreciated by this novice cook is how Bittman champions i
ISBN: 0767906713, 9780767906715
Keywords: dinner, cooks, minimalist
Pages: 240
Published: 2001
  • Rating: 80%

Back with another splendid collection, America’s most popular cooking authority and author of How to Cook Everything, presents more than 100 fast, sophisticated main courses for home cooks of every skill level. The Minimalist Cooks Dinner showcases Mark Bittman’s signature ease and imagination, and focuses on center-of-the-plate main dishes. And, in this new volume, he also provides recipes for classic, versatile side dishes as well as recommendations for wine and food pairings. With a majority of its main dish recipes taking less than thirty minutes to prepare, this is truly the b
ISBN: 076456756X, 9780764567568
Keywords: basics, everything, cook
Pages: 224
Published: 2003
  • Rating: 80%

Here's the book that will get you cooking.Whether you need to cook for your family or you love to eat and want to learn how to cook, How to Cook Everything™: The Basics is your indispensable guide. Mark Bittman, author of the bestselling, award-winning comprehensive cookbook How to Cook Everything™, presents just what a cook needs to know in order to prepare essential and classic recipes?a great steak, a perfect omelet, or delicious brownies. Among the 100 core recipes, you'll find: <UL> <LI>Staple dishes like Simple Roast Chicken, Sautéed Pork Chops, Classic Bee