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Martin Crowley

Full Name: Martin Crowley
Number of Works: 6
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ISBN: 9042014326, 9789042014329
Keywords: faux, titre, philosophers, writers, moments, words, last, dying
Pages: 223
Published: 2000

This volume presents a series of essays which consider the ways in which the death scenes of different writers have inflected the reception of their work. Figures and topics addressed include: MoliÈre, Mayakovsky, Pasolini, Proust, Dennis Potter, Foucault; the death mask, the literary encomium and the place of the critic in relation to this scene. Of interest to all those involved in literary studies and critical theory, this collection reveals the moment of death as that which binds life and work together - a relation which, here, is as urgent as it is impossible.
ISBN: 0340846135, 9780340846131
Keywords: duras, marguerite
Pages: 96
Published: 2002

This book offers a study of the whole of Duras's written oeuvre, covering journalism and lesser-known works as well as more famous texts. It brings out the constant presence of ethical questions in and around the experiences of passion and excess with which her work is always concerned, and subjects Duras's texts to an unprecedented level of close reading, carrying her beyond the terms of her usual reception.