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Michael Meyer

Full Name: Michael Meyer
Number of Works: 141
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ISBN: 0802716520, 9780802716521
Keywords: backstreets, city, transformed, vanishing, life, days, old, beijing, last
Pages: 355
Published: 2008
  • Rating: 80%

A fascinating, intimate portrait of Beijing through the lens of its oldest neighborhood, facing destruction as the city, and China, relentlessly modernizes.Soon we will be able to say about old Beijing that what emperors, warlords, Japanese invaders, and Communist planners couldn’t eradicate, the market economy has. Nobody has been more aware of this than Michael Meyer. A long-time resident, Meyer has, for the past two years, lived as no other Westerner—in a shared courtyard home in Beijing’s oldest neighborhood, Dazhalan, on one of its famed hutong (lanes). There he voluntee
ISBN: 1416558454, 9781416558453
Keywords: berlin, wall, story, untold, changed, world, year
Pages: 272
Published: 2009
  • Rating: 80%

On the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Michael Meyer provides a riveting eyewitness account of the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe that brilliantly rewrites our conventional understanding of how the Cold War came to an end and holds important lessons for America's current geopolitical challenges. " Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" President Ronald Reagan's famous exhortation when visiting Berlin in 1987 has long been widely cited as the clarion call that brought the Cold War to an end. The United States won, so this version of history goes, because
ISBN: 0312450516, 9780312450519
Keywords: introduction, poetry
Pages: 864
Published: 1994
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0750937386, 9780750937382
Keywords: ibsen
Pages: 656
Published: 1967
  • Rating: 80%

This book is about Ibsen and the definitive life he led as a founding genius of modern European theatre.
ISBN: 0312474113, 9780312474119
Keywords: literature, introduction, bedford, compact
Pages: 1652
Published: 1999
  • Rating: 80%

<DIV><DIV><DIV>The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature is designed to bring literature to life — and to make students lifelong readers. As an instructor of literature and writing, editor Michael Meyer understands that a particular challenge in today’s classroom is that students may not see literature as relevant to their lives. They may have difficulty reading it critically and lack confidence in their writing skills. With these factors in mind, Meyer has put together a lively collection of literature drawn from many periods, cultures, and voices, with an excellent
ISBN: 081291662X, 9780812916621
Keywords: complex, alexander
Pages: 258
Published: 1989
  • Rating: 60%