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Michael Moynihan

Full Name: Michael Moynihan
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Born: 1969-01-17
Number of Works: 16
Moynihan was born in Boston, Massachusetts to a lawyer father. Moynihan identifies his background as entirely Northern European: Irish, English, Welsh, and German.[5] He is involved in a long standing collaborative and romantic relationship with musician Annabel Lee, with whom he has fathered a child.[1] He became active in experimental music from 1984, forming Blood Axis in 1989 and releasing his first album in full length album under the name in 1995.

Moynihan collaborated with Boyd Rice from 1989, and in 1990 the two moved into an apartment in Denver.[6] Like Rice and Thomas Thorn, Moynihan was a member of the Church of Satan at this time.[7] Moynihan appeared as a guest with Rice on Bob Larson's "Manson Maniacs", a special for Larson's Christian radio talk show. During the summer of 1991, Moynihan states that he was visited at his apartment by agents of the United States Secret Service about an alleged plot to assassinate then President of the United States George H. W. Bush.[5]

Moynihan agreed to a polygraph test and no charges were filed. Moynihan stated that it was a simple case of intimidation stemming from his correspondence with Charles Manson and visits to Sandra Good. Moynihan stated that he felt that the he had been being monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation since 1984, that they had taken his luggage on an occasion, and that they had once called his father, admitting to him that they had taken a parcel from his mail. Moynihan cited his then-friendship with Peter Sotos as a potential cause.[5]

Differences between Boyd Rice and Michael Moynihan led to an acrimonious split between the two in the mid-1990s,[5] though Rice would later remember their time together fondly and refer positively to Moynihan.[6] After the split, Moynihan disassociated himself with Rice and was no longer involved with the Abraxas Foundation.[5] Moynihan has been a member of the small Asatru collective Wulfing Kindred since 1994.

In 1995, Moynihan released the first full length album by Blood Axis, The Gospel of Inhumanity and moved from Denver to Portland, Oregon where he became an editor at Feral House, a publishing company owned by Adam Parfrey.[7] After studying language and history at the University of Colorado and Portland State University, Moynihan received his B.A. in German language in 2001.

Moynihan is one of the editors of TYR: Myth - Culture - Tradition and the North American editor of Rûna.[8]

In 1992, Moynihan edited and published a collection of writings by ex-National Socialist Mansonite James N. Mason into a book entitled Siege: The Collected Writings of James Mason.[4][9] Published by Feral House, he co-authored the 1998 book Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground with Norwegian journalist Didrik Søderlind won the 1998 Firecracker Alternative Press Award.[4]

During this period Moynihan contributed to various magazines and journals, including Seconds and The Scorpion,[10] and has interviewed artists and figures such as power electronics founder Whitehouse,[11] Unleashed,[12] Bathory,[13] In the Nursery,[13] Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey,[14] controversial figure Charles Manson,[15] Peter Steele of Type O Negative, discussing Social Darwinism,[16] Misfits founder Glenn Danzig,[17] Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV founder Genesis P-Orridge,[18] and Swans founder Michael Gira.[19]

In 2001, Moynihan co-authored The Secret King with Stephen Flowers. 2001 also saw Moynihan also editing a reprint of Introduction to Magic, originally published in 1929, and in 2002 edited the first English language translation of the 1953 book Men Among the Ruins, both by Julius Evola and both published by Inner Traditions - Bear & Company. In 2005 Moynihan edited and published a collection of essays by British writer John Michell's The Oldie entitled Confessions of a Radical Traditionalist.

ISBN: 0922915946, 9780922915941
Keywords: metal, underground, new, satanic, rise, chaos, bloody, lords
Pages: 405
Published: 1998
  • Rating: 80%

Chronicling the rise of the Black Metal subculture and the terrifying violence by its fans, Lords of Chaos takes readers on a tour of this antisocial, occult-influenced ideology that encourages violence and murder.
ISBN: 0972029206, 9780972029209
Keywords: vol, tradition, culture, myth, tyr
Pages: 286
Published: 2002
  • Rating: 80%

TYR IS NAMED FOR THE GERMANIC SKY GOD, THE GUARDIAN OF TRANSCENDENT AND ETERNAL ORDER. Published annually, TYR celebrates the traditional myths, culture, and social institutions of pre-Christian, pre-modern Europe. It includes in-depth, original articles, interviews, translations of essential works by radical traditionalist and anti-modern thinkers, as well as extensive reviews of books, films, music, and the arts. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A RADICAL TRADITIONALIST? It means to reject the modern, materialist reign of "quantity over quality," the absence of any meaningful spiri
ISBN: 0972029230, 9780972029230
Keywords: vol, tradition, culture, myth, tyr
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2007
  • Rating: 80%

IN THE THIRD VOLUME:Thomas Naylor on "Cipherspace," Annie Le Brun on "Catastrophe Pending," Pentti Linkola on "Survival Theory," Michael O'Meara on "The Primordial and the Perennial," Alain de Benoist on "Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power," Nigel Pennick on "The Web of Wyrd," Thierry Jolif on "The Abode of the Gods and the Great Beyond," Stephen Flowers on "The Spear of Destiny," Joscelyn Godwin on Philip Pullman's "Dark Materials" trilogy, Ian Read on "Humour in the Icelandic Sagas," Geza
ISBN: 0230607748, 9780230607743
Keywords: freedom, history
Pages: 272
Published: 2013
ISBN: 0945332149, 9780945332145
Keywords: confidential, london
Pages: 180
Published: 1988
ISBN: 1932595600, 9781932595604
Keywords: nazi, occultism, reality, myth, king, secret
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2009

The Secret King is the first book to explode many myths surrounding the popular idea of Nazi occultism, while presenting the actual esoteric rituals used by Heinrich Himmler’s SS under the influence of rune magician Karl-Maria Wiligut, the “Secret King of Germany.” Stephen E. Flowers, PhD, is a prolific writer and translator in the fields of runology and the history of occultism. He is also the author of books on magical runic traditions under the pen name Edred Thorsson. Michael Moynihan co-authored the best-selling, award-winning book Lords of Chaos. He also co-edits the
ISBN: 0717144321, 9780717144327
Keywords: brothers, blood
Pages: 256
Published: 2008

“The most fascinating GAA team of the last twenty years” In 1996 the Cork senior hurlers suffered a record loss to Limerick in the first round of the Munster hurling championship; three years later they were All-Ireland champions. Three years after that title they were the first GAA team to go on strike; three years after that they had won two All-Ireland titles in a row. Along the way they blazed a trail for GAA players by standing up for their rights; they revolutionised tactics in the game of hurling and they have given Irish sport some of its most unforgettable characters and m
ISBN: 0715362747, 9780715362747
Keywords: war, people
Pages: 224
Published: 1973