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Michael P. Hornsby-Smith

Full Name: Michael P. Hornsby-smith
Number of Works: 10
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ISBN: 0198277768, 9780198277767
Keywords: english, diocese, process, renewal, spirituality, study, politics
Pages: 290
Published: 1995

This book provides the first in-depth case study of "Renew," a pastoral program of religious revitalization originated in the United States in 1976 and now widely adopted throughout the Roman Catholic world. Initiated from the top down in a hierarchically-structured church, it can be seen as an example of clerical attempts to stimulate and control lay spirituality in a controlled manner. The authors look at the history of organizations within the Roman Catholic Church and the effects of modernity on religious practice. The work will be of special interest to sociologists and students
ISBN: 0415017955, 9780415017954
Keywords: parishioners, vatican, priests, parishes, parish, study, changing
Pages: 260
Published: 1989

A major study of the changes in the life, activities, social composition and leadership of Roman Catholic parishes in Britain, with special regard to the impact of the Second Vatican Council. The author shows the pressures and conflicts bearing on priests in modern society.