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Newel Kimball

Full Name: Newel Kimball
Number of Works: 3
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ISBN: 0967748356, 9780967748351
Keywords: dvd, method, guitar, melody, harmonic
Pages: 71
Published: 2006

Harmonic Melody guitar is orchestral style music, with both melody and harmonyrendered at the same time. GuitarPerfect notation enables a student to play thisbeautiful style music quickly and easily. The book explains the method. A DVDshows all the playing techniques.
ISBN: 0967748305, 9780967748306
Keywords: guitar, hymns, lds, seventy
Pages: 71
Published: 2003

"Seventy LDS Hymns for Guitar", a new book of the most revered spiritual LDS hymns of all time, written in GuitarPerfect™, the revolutionary notation method that anyone can play. It is the simplest, easiest, and most beautiful guitar method. In GuitarPerfect notation, the guitarist immediately sees: 1. full fret-board chord symbols for each note of the melody. 2. correct string and fret locations for each finger of the left hand. 3. which fingers of the right hand are used to pluck the correct strings. 4. Each note's arpeggio (fingerstyle) picking sequences and finger-comb
ISBN: 0967748321, 9780967748320
Keywords: guitar, favorites, gospel, five, seventy
Pages: 75
Published: 2003

Newel Kimball's “SEVENTY-FIVE GOSPEL FAVORITES FOR GUITAR” in Full-Picture Harmonic Melody is a collection of the most familiar, beautiful and spiritual gospel songs, written in an entirely new and unique method for guitar. It is innovative, natural, and obvious but best of all, it is simple, easy and beautiful. With this new method, virtually anyone with a love for guitar music can play these beautiful songs. Accordingly, this book and DVD: ? shows how to play guitar like the masters? removes the barrier of staff and tablature notation ? shows right-hand fingering for the firs