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Paul D. Tieger

Full Name: Paul D. Tieger
Gender: Male
Number of Works: 7
Through his ground-breaking book Do What You Are, Paul Tieger changed how career counseling is conducted around the world. The author of five books on Personality type and the preeminent expert in this field, Paul has helped over one million people find career satisfaction and success. On any given day, Do What You Are is the most or second most popular career book on Amazon.com.

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ISBN: 0316880655, 9780316880657
Keywords: personality, type, secrets, career, perfect, discover
Pages: 416
Published: 1992
  • Rating: 80%

Revised and Updated Edition Featuring E-careers for the 21st Century Now updated for today's hottest jobs--including telecommunications, biotechnology, and health care professional--this bestselling career guide shows people how to determine their personality type, and then explains which jobs are best suited to each type.
ISBN: 0316845132, 9780316845137
Keywords: children, insights, personality, type, responsible, healthy, nature, raise, happy, nurture
Pages: 304
Published: 1997
  • Rating: 80%

Every parent knows that children, even babies, have distinct personalities. Any parent with more than one child is probably well aware of how different from each other children, even siblings, can be. So it's only natural that the parenting strategies that work with one child may be less effective with another child. How can you be sure that your nurturing is well suited to your child? With this one-of-a-kind parenting guide, you can use Personality Type analysis - a powerful and well-respected psychological tool - to understand your child better and become a more effective parent. In Nurture
ISBN: 0316845183, 9780316845182
Keywords: people, speak, language, size, art, reading, speed
Pages: 224
Published: 1998
  • Rating: 80%

In business & in life, communication is the key tto success. And, as made clear in this book, learning to use the power of Personality Type is the key to communicating more effectively. Now in the same successful format as the bestsellers Do What You Are & Nurture by Nature, The Art of Speed Reading People offers a revolutionary new tool for sizing up people & speaking their language. A salesperson pitching a customer. A manager trying to motivate an employee. A teacher attempting to make a point with a student. In any of these situations, the power to "read" another pers
ISBN: 0759524262, 9780759524262
Keywords: type, parent, personality, child, nature, understand, nurture
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2001
  • Rating: 100%

A groundbreaking guide that shows you how to harness the power of Personality Type to develop the parenting strategies that work with your child. Every parent knows that children, even babies, have distinct personalities. Now, with this one-of-a-kind parenting guide, Paul Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger show you how to use Personality Type analysis, a powerful and well-respected psychological tool, to better understand your child and become a more effective parent. You'll learn: Which of 16 distinctly different types best matches your child's personality. How this personality type affects
ISBN: 0759524254, 9780759524255
Keywords: type, secrets, personality, using, wanted, create, relationship
Pages: Unknown
Published: 2001

Discover how the secrets of Personality Type can enliven your love life!Learn the real reason why your strong quiet type has trouble expressing his feelings. Or why your social butterfly is always flirting... or why the neatnik in your life just can't leave that dirty sock where it is... or why the hopeless romantic really is blinded by the stars in his eyes.Barbara Barron-Tieger and Paul Tieger explain that it's not gender but personality type - your natural tendency to be outgoing or quiet, methodical or whimsical - that rules the way men and women relate. Drawing on twenty years of experi
ISBN: 3478086353, 9783478086356
Keywords: reading, personality
Pages: Unknown
Published: 1999