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Paul McSweeney

Full Name: Paul Mcsweeney
Number of Works: 8
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ISBN: 1441927425, 9781441927422
Keywords: salts, minor, constituents, water, lactose, dairy, chemistry, volume, advanced
Pages: 808
Published: 2010

The Advanced Dairy Chemistry series was first published in four volumes in the 1980s (under the title Developments in Dairy Chemistry) and revised in three volumes in the 1990s. The series is the leading reference source on dairy chemistry, providing in-depth coverage of milk proteins, lipids, lactose, water and minor constituents.Advanced Dairy Chemistry Volume 3: Lactose, Water, Salts, and Minor Constituents, Third Edition, reviews the extensive literature on lactose and its significance in milk products. This volume also reviews the literature on milk salts, vitamins, milk flavors and o
ISBN: 0306472716, 9780306472718
Keywords: proteins, parts, volume, chemistry, dairy, advanced
Pages: 1349
Published: 2003

Advanced Dairy Chemistry-1. Proteins addresses the most commercially important constituents of milk in terms of their roles in nutrition and as functional components in foods. This third edition, which is the work of dairy scientists and other experts from around the world, provides detailed scientific information on all aspects of milk proteins.An extensively revised Table of Contents includes more chapter-level headings to make the material more accessible and highlights a number of key topics, such as methods for resolving and identifying proteins, biologically and physiologically active pr