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Paul Tice

Full Name: Paul Tice
Number of Works: 74
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ISBN: 1585091022, 9781585091027
Keywords: jehovah, jumpin
Pages: 104
Published: 2000
ISBN: 158509031X, 9781585090310
Keywords: occult, philosophy, system, complete, book, magus
Pages: 200
Published: 1999

The Magus has proved to be the most sought after set of books on magic and alchemy ever published. There is very good reason for this. These books are powerful, and were considered so dangerous that for many years, rare copies could only be found in certain libraries, locked away from the general public and from those who would use (or misuse) its power. The original set of books was first published in 1801 by its author, Francis Barrett, who had an extensive background in the medieval and occult sciences. He spent many years of diligent study before releasing them. His premise for the materia
ISBN: 1885395574, 9781885395573
Keywords: human, power, change, life, soul, achievements, spirit, greatest, triumph
Pages: 250
Published: 1999

Explores history's most incredible spiritual moments and the people who changed the world with their passion for the truth. Covers the Buddha, Jesus, John Hus, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther, Giordano Bruno, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and many more. Also reveals how to achieve a triumph of the spirit for oneself through exercises and the use of your own spiritual power.
ISBN: 1585090654, 9781585090655
Keywords: babylonia, israel, legends, hebrew, biblical, traditions, origin
Pages: 220
Published: 1997

Where did our oldest Bible stories really come from? This scholarly work shows that our oldest Bible stories originated in ancient Babylon and Sumeria. The entire proof is laid out in the early part of the book, followed by an Appendix which includes translations of the creation stories from the Sumerians, Babylonians and Phoenicians.This is an excellent scholarly book, perfect for those researching the beginnings of mankind. In addition to creation stories, Clay covers the stories of the Garden of Eden, the Fall of Man, the Great Flood, and the Tower of Babel. These originals were found on cl