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Peg Thoms

Full Name: Peg Thoms
Number of Works: 6
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Finding the Best and Brightest proposes an approach to choosing leaders based on a set of criteria designed to align individual qualities with organizational or institutional goals. Peg Thoms challenges the popular trend in theory and practice toward transformational or visionary leadership, arguing instead that leadership must be developed in context; many organizations, for example, don't need visionaries as much as they need operational leaders, who get things done by focusing on present-day tasks, such as designing superior products and delivering exceptional customer service. This book pr
ISBN: 1567205798, 9781567205794
Keywords: time, leadership, orientation, driven
Pages: 160
Published: 2003

Organizations consist of people with different orientations toward time. Each type of person makes his or her own contribution and has unique limitations. The most effective leaders understand and recognize the differences in the way people feel and think about time and use them in constructive ways. Literally, they have good timing. This book explains the concept of temporal alignment and explores ways to enhance one's skills based on a solid understanding of this important component of leadership. Time matters to leaders. They worry about the past, present, and future, but most lean heavily
ISBN: 031334065X, 9780313340659
Keywords: volumes, business, battleground
Pages: 704
Published: 2007

Globalization. Outsourcing. Downsizing. These are some of the economic issues at the center of today's society. Time after time, we see that business is one of the most powerful forces in the modern world, profoundly affecting every facet of our lives whether we work in a corporate environment or not. Because in one way or another the world is all about economics, students need to understand and appreciate the role of business in their lives. This book overviews the most important topics and issues characterizing the role of business in today's society. Included are alphabetically arranged ent