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Rich Brott

Full Name: Rich Brott
Number of Works: 27
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ISBN: 160185014X, 9781601850140
Keywords: bible, vocations, professions, occupations, business
Pages: 212
Published: 2008

Since the beginning of time, small business has played an important role in all societies and cultures. It has been a vital part of community as craftsmen, laborers, manufacturers, buyers and sellers exchange wares and talents. From ancient times to modern times, people have lived their lives centered around crafting something of value to use at home and to sell outside of their home. Economies have been perpetuated as they centered around commercial activities and commerce. From ancient Greece and Ethiopia, to ancient India, the ingenuity of humans beings and their ability to design
ISBN: 1601850182, 9781601850188
Keywords: principles, investing, conservative, basic
Pages: 116
Published: 2007

Investing can be very complicated or very simple. It can be very successful or disastrous. There is risk with investing and there is risk in not investing. Investing can be very enjoyable or very distasteful. In this book you will be given some overall and well-rounded investment information. Absolutely no attempt will be made to influence you to invest in a specific type of financial instrument. Author Rich Brott starts by encouraging you to set aside monies so that in time you have something to invest. The pre-investment process begins by being prepared for those unexpected emergenci