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Richard Scarry

Full Name: Richard Scarry
Hometown: Boston, MA
Born: 1919-06-05
Died: 1994-04-30
Number of Works: 466
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ISBN: 0394818237, 9780394818238
Keywords: day, people, scarry, richard
Pages: 64
Published: 1968
  • Rating: 80%

Illus. in full color. Shows and tells what busy people do every day to build houses, sail ships, fly planes, keep house, and grow food.
ISBN: 0307165485, 9780307165480
Keywords: storybook, scarry, richard
Pages: 288
Published: 1969
  • Rating: 80%

From the cheery sun on the first page, to the sleepy moon on the last, and throughout all 290 pages in between, there are stories, rhymes and fun with the one-and-only Richard Scarry. Classic tales, alphabet and counting stories, lots of new words and concepts, and visits around town, to the airport, and across the world make this essential book that will captivate even the most restless child.
ISBN: 0307157857, 9780307157850
Keywords: golden, book, little, giant, trucks, things, cars
Pages: 72
Published: 1951
  • Rating: 80%

The station wagon, the tow truck, the garbage truck and the bulldozer. Every manner of machinery that moves is riotously depicted in this classic favorite. As the pig family head to the beach for a picnic, they encounter every vehicle known, from the forklift to the locomotive, and many vehicles that are not as common, from the pumpkin car to the broom-o-cycle. Each detailed spread provides tremendous opportunity to make up stories and describe situations. Will Officer Flossy catch Dingo? Will Rollo Rabbit catch his runaway steamroller? And with literally hundreds of things to look at, yo
ISBN: 0307155102, 9780307155108
Keywords: book, word
Pages: 72
Published: 1963
  • Rating: 80%

It all begins with the alphabet. But when it's Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever, it doesn't end there. From home, to school, covering everyday objects and broad concepts, young readers will be engrossed as they look at the oversized pages and identify all of their favorite things: toy, trains, cars and occupations and much more. From a tiny dot on the "Little Things" page, to one whale on the the "Numbers" page, this classic favorite contains almost everything in a little one's world.
ISBN: 0307168034, 9780307168030
Keywords: book, golden, little, giant, town
Pages: 48
Published: 2000
  • Rating: 80%

Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm provide a fun introduction to Richard Scarry's Busytown, the setting of Busytown Mysteries on TV. Each oversized spread features a different place from the Post Office, to the Supermarket, to the farm. And for each place is a complete, simple story describing the activities, sights and friendly folk who can be found there. Familiar faces like Sargeant Murphy and Miss Honey will welcome readers to this colorful, fun, and very busy town.
ISBN: 0307655393, 9780307655394
Keywords: world
Pages: 92
Published: 1965
  • Rating: 80%

33 lively stories about everyday life around the world.
ISBN: 0307986241, 9780307986245
Keywords: little, book, golden, bear, night
Pages: 24
Published: 2001
  • Rating: 80%

First a story, and then a kiss from Mother Bear, and Father Bear carries Little Bear to bed. And that's when the fun begins. Father Bear gets to Little Bear's room, but Little Bear is missing! Little readers will see him hiding in the MOST obvious place but Father Bear cannot seem to find him. Is he under the stove? Is he in the garden? Is he in the woodbox? Only when Father Bear walks past the mirror does the silliness end, and in a very tasty way. With this, one of the most charming bedtime tales ever, Richard Scarry has once again proven his timeless appeal. 
ISBN: 0307155781, 9780307155788
Keywords: little, golden, book, giant, goose, scarry, mother, richard
Pages: 96
Published: 1970
  • Rating: 80%

Fifty favorite and not so well-known nursery rhymes are brought to vibrant life by Richard Scarry whose bears, pigs, cats, and rabbits perfectly illustrate these familiar verses. From Old Mother Hubbard to Jack Sprat, this oversize book depicts these most classic characters in bright, funny, colorful detail. Mother Goose is a perfect foundation for any child's library, and Richard Scarry is the ideal illustrator to make these first poems accessible and fun.