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Robert Hurley

Full Name: Robert Hurley
Number of Works: 11
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ISBN: 0679724699, 9780679724698
Keywords: introduction, sexuality, history
Pages: 176
Published: 1976
  • Rating: 80%

Three volumes of The History of Sexuality were published before Foucault's death in 1984. The 1st & most referenced volume, The Will to Knowledge (previously known as An Introduction in English—Histoire de la sexualité, 1: la volonté de savoir in French) was published in France in 1976 & translated in 1977, focusing primarily on the last two centuries, & the functioning of sexuality as an analytics of power related to the emergence of a science of sexuality (scientia sexualis) & the emergence of biopower in the West. In this volume he questions the "repressive hypothes
ISBN: 0394751221, 9780394751221
Keywords: pleasure, sexuality, history
Pages: 304
Published: 1984
  • Rating: 80%

In this sequel to The History of Sexuality, Volume I: An Introduction, the brilliantly original French thinker who died in 1984 gives an analysis of how the ancient Greeks perceived sexuality. Throughout The Uses of Pleasure Foucault analyzes an irresistible array of ancient Greek texts on eroticism as he tries to answer basic questions: How in the West did sexual experience become a moral issue? And why were other appetites of the body, such as hunger, and collective concerns, such as civic duty, not subjected to the numberless rules and regulations and judgments that have defined, if not c
ISBN: 0942299116, 9780942299113
Keywords: consumption, share, accursed
Pages: 197
Published: 1949
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0872862186, 9780872862180
Keywords: philosophy, practical, spinoza
Pages: 130
Published: 1968
  • Rating: 80%

Spinoza's theoretical philosophy is one of the most radical attempts to construct a pure ontology with a single infinite substance. This book, which presents Spinoza's main ideas in dictionary form, has as its subject the opposition between ethics and morality, and the link between ethical and ontological propositions. His ethics is an ethology, rather than a moral science. Attention has been drawn to Spinoza by deep ecologists such as Arne Naess, the Norwegian philosopher; and this reading of Spinoza by Deleuze lends itself to a radical ecological ethic. As Robert Hurley says in his introduct
ISBN: 0872862623, 9780872862623
Keywords: impossible
Pages: 144
Published: 1962
  • Rating: 80%

In a philosophical erotic narrative, an essay on poetry, and in poems Georges Bataille pursues his guiding concept, the impossible. The narrator engages in a journey, one reminiscent of the Grail quest; failing, he experiences truth. He describes a movement toward a disappearing object, the same elusive object that moved Theresa of Avila and Catherine of Siena to ecstasy.
ISBN: 0942299094, 9780942299090
Keywords: religion, theory
Pages: 128
Published: 1973
  • Rating: 80%

Theory of Religion, along with its companion volumes of The Accursed Share, forms the cornerstone of Bataille's "Copernican" project to overturn not only economic thought but its ethical foundations as well. No other work of Bataille's has managed so incisively to draw the links between man's religious and economic activities.
ISBN: 0942299213, 9780942299212
Keywords: sovereignty, eroticism, history, share, accursed
Pages: 404
Published: 1993
  • Rating: 80%

Most Anglo-American readers know Bataille as a novelist. The Accursed Share provides an excellent introduction to Bataille the philosopher. Here he uses his unique economic theory as the basis for an incisive inquiry into the very nature of civilization. Unlike conventional economic models based on notions of scarcity, Bataille's theory develops the concept of excess: a civilization, he argues, reveals its order most clearly in the treatment of its surplus. The result is a brilliant blend of ethics, aesthetics, and cultural anthropology that challenges both mainstream economics and ethnology.