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Ronald H. Carpenter

Full Name: Ronald H. Carpenter
Number of Works: 7
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ISBN: 0313290407, 9780313290404
Keywords: spokesman, disaffected, surrogate, coughlin, charles, father
Pages: 224
Published: 1998
  • Rating: 60%

As Americans moved from farms and small towns to large cities, they tended to lose a hallmark of their earlier life: comparatively direct participation in the discourse of pragmatic affairs. The ubiquitous radio, which became a primary medium of communication during the Great Depression, tended to make Americans listeners more than speakers about important issues. Nevertheless, as the economic catastrophe of the time evoked desires in people to express their hopes and fears for the future, Americans nevertheless tended to be reticent. They instead bestowed leadership on speakers who articu
ISBN: 1570035555, 9781570035555
Keywords: cases, consequences, making, decision, martial, deliberations, rhetoric
Pages: 259
Published: 2004

In this study of the discourse involved in martial deliberations, Ronald H. Carpenter examines the rhetoric employed by naval and military commanders as they recommend specific tactics and strategies to peers as well as presidents. Drawing on ideas of rhetorical thinking from Aristotle to Kenneth Burke, Carpenter identifies two concepts of particular importance to the military decision-making process: prudence and the representative anecdote. Carpenter suggests that attention to these two concepts enables an understanding of how military commanders settle on a course of action and persuade oth
ISBN: 0313291489, 9780313291487
Keywords: wordsmith, warrior, macarthur, douglas
Pages: 240
Published: 1997

From "I Shall Return" to "Old Soldiers Never Die," General MacArthur's phraseology invariably captured an audience's attention. The MacArthur persona may be familiar to many Americans more because of his oratory than because of his military deeds. Covering both his martial and his political oratory, this book provides a balanced, full-length study of MacArthur's oratorical accomplishments and their impact. Part I is a critical analysis of MacArthur and his speeches, while Part II contains the texts of the addresses discussed. In their analysis, the authors avoid extremes of