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Ruth Fishel

Full Name: Ruth Fishel
Number of Works: 24
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ISBN: 0757300677, 9780757300677
Keywords: expanded, days, anything, change
Pages: 200
Published: 197
  • Rating: 80%

Ruth Fishel knows that almost any negative habit can be changed in 21 days. While struggling with a drinking problem, Ruth discovered the power of affirmations and transformed her life. She now counsels others about this powerful form of life change.This expanded edition includes more than five hundred affirmations, indexed by topic. Finding a meaningful affirmation on almost anything is easy: Worried about a job interview? Look up Fear, Confidence or Career. Want to lose weight? Look up Food or Addiction. Other key topics include: Anger, Balance, Creativity, Exercise, Forgiveness, Gri
ISBN: 0932194826, 9780932194824
Keywords: affirmations, daily, joy, time
Pages: 375
Published: 1998
  • Rating: 100%

Words can inspire, motivate and change us if we let them. Words can lift us to action. Words can move us to anger and rage or to love and tears. Most important, words can heal.May the words in this book be an inspiration for you when and as you need it. Read it by the page, one day at a time, or at random as you are so moved. Know that you are worthy of joy, that you deserve to have joy in your life. May you take this time to find joy and may you know peace and love.
ISBN: 0757301576, 9780757301575
Keywords: purpose, problem, day, joy, light, feather, living
Pages: 208
Published: 2004
  • Rating: 80%

The concept of Living Light as a Feather comes from an ancient Egyptian myth that elucidates the belief that only a worthy person can enter eternity. In order to measure a person’s worthiness, upon death the heart is placed on a scale and the soul can only live forever if the heart is as light as a feather. A few years after writing Time for Joy (over 231,000 sold), Ruth lost her son to suicide and the joy left her life. After suffering immeasurable grief and questioning how she could possibly have written such a book, she created a process through which readers can find joy under any ci
ISBN: 2895234582, 9782895234586
Keywords: fois, jour, aimer
Pages: 370
Published: 2007