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Steven L. Kent

Full Name: Steven L. Kent
Gender: Male
Born: 1903-01-08
Number of Works: 20
Steven L. Kent is the author of four Military Science Fiction novels and The Ultimate History of Video Games.

Born in California and raised in Hawaii, Kent served as a missionary for the LDS Church between the years of 1979 and 1981. During that time, he worked as a Spanish-speaking missionary serving migrant farm workers in southern Idaho.

While Kent has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and a Master’s degree in communications from Brigham Young University, he claims that his most important education came from life.

He learned important lessons from working with farm laborers in Idaho. Later, from 1986 through 1988, Kent worked as a telemarketer selling TV Guide and Inc. Magazine. His years on the phone helped him develop an ear for dialog.

As a boy growing up in Honolulu in the 1960s, Kent developed a unique perspective. He spent hours torch fishing and skin diving. He tried his hand at surfing and boxing. All of these interests have worked their way into his writing.

In 1987, Kent reviewed the Stephen King novels Misery and The Eyes of the Dragon for the Seattle Times. A diehard Stephen King fan, Kent later admitted that he pitched the reviews to the Times so that he could afford to buy the books.

In 1993, upon returning to Seattle after a five-year absence, Kent pitched a review of “virtual haunted houses” for the Halloween issue of the Seattle Times. He reviewed the games The Seventh Guest, Alone in the Dark, and Legacy. Not only did this review land Kent three free PC games, it started him on a new career path.

By the middle of 1994, when Kent found himself laid off from his job at a PR agency, he became a full-time freelance journalist. He wrote monthly pieces for the Seattle Times along with regular features and reviews for Electronic Games, CDRom Today, ComputerLife, and NautilusCD. In later years, he would write for American Heritage, Parade, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune and many other publications. He wrote regular columns for MSNBC, Next Generation, the Japan Times, and the Los Angeles Times Syndicate.

In 2000, Kent self-published The First Quarter: A 25-year History of Video Games. That book was later purchased and re-published as The Ultimate History of Video Games by the Prima, Three River Press, and Crown divisions of Random House.

During his career as a games journalist, Kent wrote the entries on video games for Encarta and the Encyclopedia Americana. At the invitation of Senator Joseph Lieberman, Kent has spoken at the annual Report Card on Video Game Violence in Washington D.C.

In 2005, Kent announced his semi-retirement from video games so that he could concentrate on writing novels. Though he still writes a monthly column for Boy’s Life, he has mostly concentrated his efforts on writing novels since that time. His first efforts in science fiction, The Clone Republic and Rogue Clone were published by Ace Book in 2006. In 2007, Ace published The Clone Alliance, the third book in his Wayson Harris series; and in 2008, Ace published The Clone Elite.

Kent has signed with Ace to write three more Harris novels, the first of which, The Clone Betrayal, is due out in November, 2009.

ISBN: 0441013937, 9780441013937
Keywords: clone, rogue, republic
Pages: 384
Published: 2006
  • Rating: 80%

PFC Wayson Harris is just another clone born and bred to fight humanity's battles for them. But when he learns that his fellow Marines are being slaughtered to make room for the newer model of clone soldier, he goes AWOL--and plans revenge.
ISBN: 044101450X, 9780441014507
Keywords: clone, rogue
Pages: 400
Published: 2006
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0441015425, 9780441015429
Keywords: alliance, clone
Pages: 384
Published: 2007
  • Rating: 80%

Third in the national bestselling series-military science fiction on the edge. Rogue clone Wayson Harris is stranded on a frontier planet-until a rebel offensive puts him back in the uniform of a U.A. Marine, once again leading a strike against the enemy. But the rebels have a powerful ally no one could have imagined.
ISBN: 0441016081, 9780441016082
Keywords: elite, clone
Pages: 384
Published: 2008
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0441017878, 9780441017874
Keywords: betrayal, clone
Pages: 384
Published: 2009
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0441019587, 9780441019588
Keywords: empire, clone
Pages: 368
Published: 2010
  • Rating: 80%
ISBN: 0970475500, 9780970475503
Keywords: video, games, history, year, quarter, first
Pages: 466
Published: 2001
  • Rating: 80%

The First Quarter: A 25-year History of Video Games is an insider's look at the entertainment novelty that drove the evolution of high-technology. The book was compiled from more than 500 first-hand interviews with such people as Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari), Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Donkey Kong), Toru Iwatani (designer of Pac-Man), etc. Above all, this book provides an intimate look into the lives of a group of brilliant and quirky people, and the sometimes serious and sometimes wacky way they ran their business.
ISBN: 0744000718, 9780744000719
Keywords: spirits, fantasy, final, making
Pages: 240
Published: 2001
  • Rating: 80%

The Making of FINAL FANTASY: The Spirits Within book will feature an inside look into the making of the movie. The book includes storyboards, the movie script, concept sketches, and images of the characters, sets and props from the movie. Behind-the-scenes information and interviews with the creative minds behind this ground-breaking production. The book brings to light the truly staggering level of work and detail involved in the movie's development.
ISBN: 1937007022, 9781937007027
Keywords: redemption, clone
Pages: 368
Published: 2011
  • Rating: 100%

Earth, 2516 A.D.: The Unified Authority has spread human colonies across the Milky Way, keeping strict order with a powerful military made up almost entirely of clones. But now the clones have formed their own empire, and they aim to keep it...no matter who they must defeat.