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Steven Watt

Full Name: Andy Carlino
Gender: Male
Number of Works: 2
Nearly 25 years ago, after a 20 year career in industry, Andy started his consulting practice and was immediately invited to assist a multinational Fortune 500 company with their continuous journey and he has never looked back. For over 8 years during the 90’s, Andy assisted Chrysler Corporation with the implementation of the successful Chrysler Operating System working in their production operations but also working with their healthcare supply chain.
It was during this assignment (and others) that Andy found that even after many years, many companies (Chrysler included) could not successfully sustain or advance their lean initiative. He discovered two primary contributing factors. First, almost of all of the lean initiatives were sustainably based on the tools of lean with little recognition of their true purpose or the appreciation of the principles (thinking) of lean. Second, there was often a void in the leadership team. They were not assuming leading lean as their role and responsibility and were not actively and visibly engaged in providing the lean experiences.
It was these discoveries and Andy’s desire to make a difference in lean that led to co-founding the Lean Learning Center with Jamie Flinchbaugh and Dennis Pawley in 2001. Subsequently, the Lean Learning Center has become the leading resource for companies and individuals across the globe.
Andy is a trusted advisor to private and public companies highly respected from the C-suite to the shop floor in practically every industry and across the globe, including many companies you might recognize: Harley Davidson, Deer and Co, Detroit Edison, Land O Lakes, BlueCross BlueShield, Agco, Mars, Network Rail (national rail in UK), Northrup Grumman, and too many more to mention. Additionally, Andy is a frequent keynote speaker, the subject and author of numerous articles, and co-author with Jamie Flinchbaugh of the highly popular book The Hitchhikers Guide to Lean: Lessons from the Road. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lean cover Andy is not an academic or theorist; he is a practitioner. Lean is not an academic exercise and also not just some bucket of tools. It’s about changing behaviors through the practical and pragmatic application of the principles and practices of lean. “Change the behaviors and you will change the results.”